2 Mind. Body. Soul.



`an act of waking from sleep.
`an act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something.

Hello and Welcome to my virtual space of truth. I am Cee Cee. I am here to share ways to cope, and overcome obstacles encountered thru life. Shine my Light! A Light of faith, endurance, hope, compassion, and growth of understandings achieved through my soulful journey. It took countless of misfortunes, consequences, tragedy, and struggles, to start to question, why?

The sensations of pain are real! These pains of life can surface as physical, emotional, and psychological. (various textures) Holding onto these unhealthy sensations/emotions will only hold you back if conflicts are not dealt with effectively.

It is my mission to encourage, motivate, teach, and inspire you to become your best “you” through self awareness. If you acknowledge better, you will become better. Right? Right. 🙂

Check out my mixed media of audio, poetry, and visuals that are sprinkled throughout this creative space that soulfully speaks. Please comment and follow social media! I look forward to our humble interactions. Your journey to a better self is a decision away, what will you decide?

Cee Cee