Go Team Go!

Go Team Go!
Monday is only the beginning,
They have the lead
But we maintain a steady pace
On this finishlineless journey.

Go Team Go!
Tireless energy pouring into
A weakness crafted bowl of
Yeilded perfectly by the opponent, to gain advantage.

Go Team Go!
Clarity whisper time’s secrets
Interpreted soulfully
Catapulted strategies reveal
Seven plays into the future,
w/ Clairvoyant dreams of Victory.

Go Team Go!
It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!!
Lets have some wine,
Being Still on the sidelines,
Taking our time,
As They get sweaty
Trying Physically
To figure this Team of Perception out.

*Freestyle writing..πŸ’œ*


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Free spirit with heart filled withπŸ”₯ passion, to Be! Sharing Love πŸ’–, Light🌈, and Positivity. Ultimate goal: Empower, and Awaken the limitless potential, one layer at a time.

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