Today is the day that changed my life.
Vehicle collision out of nowhere
Here comes strife…

Aches and pains
Flow down the drain
And recycle themselves daily.

Lawyer who? They can’t help me,
If they dont possess a degree in Alchemy.
The dotted line remains
Synonymous with money.

Broke as a joke told on Doomsday
Never would I have thought of
Meeting Myself, like this,
Face to face.

Missed understandings exacerbated
Times ten.
I look to my left, then my right
And can’t seem to find my “friends”.

Illusions drift while,
The game of hide and seek never get old.
All it takes is for you to go through and
Spiritual sight shows the diffrence
Between glitter and gold.

Thirty years of running fast
Through time and space
Giving away ALL my lunch tickets
Left hungry and inable to feed my Crown.

Today is the day that changed my life.
Two years ago to be exact.
What brought disaster
Catapulted me into his veins of Grace.

Slowing me down,
Healing the perspective of Eye.
Preparing for an alternate route
Only the Spirit can drive.

My tears are still present
Although they exist through Faith,
Painfully broken
With salvaged Goods that remain.

I am Somebody!
Even if I don’t have a dime.
My wealth lies in Spirit
And my best friend is Time.

So keep pushing through
What seems to be unfair.
This may be your very protection
From your own dispair.

Today is the day that changed my life.
This journey has been the hardest yet
Even death couldn’t suffice.
Salvation doesnt come easy
And I aint seen nuttin yet.

I sit or stand,
May even walk with a limp.
But my flesh no longer binds me
My Spirit of Discernment
Has been Pimped.

Testimonials of Freedom
Unite the lights within
I aint goin through all this for nothing
Soon..I will be able to jump back in.

February 2, 2016
Was the beginning of reality.
Everything happens for a reason
I dare not question Thee.
I’m just Humbly Thankful I am Free.

Written&Experienced by: CeeCee💜

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