Food 4 Thought…

As I sit on my porch, with pillows all around me to support my body, praying to decrease the pain.. Sun shining, wind blowing, Elements all in place.

I drink my coffee and grab a book, while diffusing Inspiration. (Young Living Essential Oil)

As I read through, “The Rose That grew From Concrete.”…The Late, 2Pac Shakur’s, collection of personal poetry

I laugh, and cry, weirdly at the same time. LOL.. But,  within this moment of weirdness I see….that Life, is soooooo much BIGGER than me.

His poetry Inspires me, to rise above my physical pain and not be deterred from Thee….. Whatever that shall Be. πŸ™

Pain is not my Identity…My coffee is now cold…as I blog in the present participle. I smile as I remember…
Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way.

Excuses on hold…Inspiration comforts my heart and mind, anticipating the unfolding of this Day.


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