To: Toxic People

Enough is Enough,
sliced erratically.
synonyms hesitate,
pronouns embrace
the circumference of trying
chance against fate.

Enough is Enough,
said fast or slow.
international meaning,
yet transcribed by regions feanin,
misguided actions collect.
straight tally’n,
it’s a dark season,
metaphorically speaking.

Enough is Enough,
commonly mouthed
by the narcissistic,
manipulating the script.

Is enough enough?
chopped and screwed,
rewinding accountability
exposing cerebraltoxins
scientifically diagnosed,
many times too late!

You will recognize
Enough is Enough,
if attention was paid.
morals are sexy,
must be fried, died, and layed,
ergonomically slayed!

It’s okay.
Enough is Enough,
is only a phrase.
it’s simple math,
contexed principles,
that saves.

Enough IS Enough,
mean it today!
this choice is afforded freely to all,
toxic behavior
will fade,
to Light-Bright,
naked with infinite potentials,
bull riding positive change,
but NOT afraid.


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