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Do you have the ability to maintain self control over your emotions?
Even when the affliction strikes against fields of passion??
If you answer no, you’re not alone. πŸ–€

Our feelings and/or emotions heavily feast on the time we have been granted in this life. How? One can include, the distraction of feeling. Emotions only become a distraction when you give subliminal permission of unclean intent to entice the preferred train of thought. This causes negative sensations. It’s maaad easy to get caught up emotionally. It happens quick too!πŸ€”

The next time your mood is changed and you find yourself “feeling some kinda way” or undesirable, take a pause. You are in control.

Ask yourself 5 questions:

Why do I feel like this?
Is this feeling supportive or against…?
What is happening around me?
When did I start to feel this way?
How can I overcome these abusive feelings ?

Thankfully, all of these answers to these questions are embedded deep within you already.
Identify the emotion.

Emotions are thoughts coupled with a sensation. Ex. When you think about something, there can be a heart felt feeling blended with that same thought. The brain is POWERFUL!! You don’t have to tell it too many times, before the brain starts to automatically get into it’s own rhythm of doing things.

πŸ’₯(Make sure this rhythm is consciously positive, and full of life!)
Take moments.

It’s YOUR time! Take some moments for yourself to Check-in on yourself!πŸ‘€ This world, the “demands” of society, the struggle can be real….especially when many mindsets are shaped to sadly accept without asking why? If these blistering-“everybody” type emotions are not handled effectively, the “struggle” could become the hardeset WE will ever see…MESSAGE!!

I encourage you to take emotional control today. Take a moment to think, pray, meditate, write, sing, dance, draw, or laugh out your why’s. When you take a minute to acknowledge the why, you know who to forgive, and how important it is to let go. πŸ€—

” You must begin wherever you are.”
~ Jack Boland

The load will lighten. Peace is already upon you, acknowledge it.πŸ™

From the Desk of,

Cee Cee

Moving in silence fuels the influence of your Light.

Song by: Anderson Paak ft. Kendrick Lamar…. *sharing moments of inspiration + the featured pic = Inspiration

a Groovy groove-groove,
allows Jammin to a jammy-jam,
(In my head)
CHILLIN on a chill-chill,
illuminating Love-Love,
from the heart’s of heart,
like, expressed-expressed,
in textures of authenticity,
from Me to You,

*This is the 3rd year anniversary from my car accident were tragedy lead to this prospective Today. The Compassion which fill my heart, has a price of pain.*

What is normal?
A standard of the masses?
Would it be the numbness & tingling
Or the weakness of the legs riddled
with Neuropathic Pain?

What is normal?
The spasms in my neck???
If so, normalcy can skip me!

Muted voices
now- muffled with Truth.
No one equates the Truth with lullabies
Ringing irritatingly in tune.

Am I project
Of imagination gone sour?
Trends and Fads
Remind, a REWIND type lifestyles.

But I wanna fast forwarding towards Understanding.
That My destiny is sculpting
A Magnificent Peace.

So “normal” can kiss my keester,πŸ˜‚ However I’m a classy lady, so please pardon my speech. πŸ˜‰

Extravagant thorns
Extraordinary tears
Triumphant blind spots revealed,

Then you know,
To know,
That you know nothing.

Schedules delayed
“Hold on one moment..”
The operator repeats.


Journeying on route 44,
Not to be confused with route 45!
Lead by a spirit prototype style gps.

The calculated route is filled
with detours,
On Purpose.

Trusting the invisible,
yet Highly Visible
Architect of all time.

Aligning the stars,
Moon, and quasars
with Soul Light,
as Faith in God’s plan

In my life.

*Thank you, to everyone whom sent up prayers for a successful surgery. However, it was post poned due to a cough that I developed….It has been rescheduled. I ask that we all continue to pray for one another. Sometimes delays, can be the delay to save our lives. God is in control, and our outlook is joyful in the Light, and our outlook grows bleek in the darkness. Stay LitπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯!

God Bless. βœŒπŸ’ž

Hey Ya’ll! It has been a minute since I have blogged πŸ˜”…. There’s been alot going on behind the scenes of life, that my time has been allocated a little diffrently these days.😌

As some of my poetry, and free writings suggest pain, spirituality, and true freedom….Writing comes from my ❀ and soul! Free therapy. Lol.

Today, I am in route to the hospital to have surgery and fusion of a disc in my neck. ( all residual injuries from a car accident almost 3 years ago in Feb.)

I humbly ask my fellow bloggers, colleagues, friends, and family to please uplift , not just me, but each other in prayer this morning. We are all presented with various problems in life. Overcoming them, holds not only the beauty, but God’s Promise in it all.

I am choosing to hold onto Faith. God does not make any mistakes, may his Will be done. I AM A BELIEVER!πŸ˜πŸ™Œ

I pray that everyone that spends precious time to read this, may your life be continuously Blessed.

I dont know whats next for me, my Trust is with God 100%. There has been so many layers of pain infused Joy…..I am humbly speachless, and excitedly anxious to see what my Lord and Savior cooks up for me next. I’m sure it will be soulfully Excellent!πŸ™.

I’m here!!!! Until my next update. God Bless each and every one of you!πŸ˜‡


A gift for You mu Friends… This experience at the jetties during sunset, felt like a marriage took place between the Soul and the Universe. All melted into One. I am grateful to have captured such essence of peace…Why not share this vibrancy with ya’ll!πŸ’œπŸ’―πŸ˜ *vid πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡*😁

Destiny speaks in a
Pain induced labor of
Born in mass destruction
Mass seduction

Mr. & Mrs. Ancestrial,
art of storytelling
from deep sea.

Atlantic bound
Voices fluid with tears,
Leaking forward into the Now!
The Now Presents….

The Strength of Overcoming!
The Now, in which our spirits ignite,
In sparks of Glee…

All the credit is still being
Shipped and stored
Chyyyyye Please…

Yo lines of credit can’t afford Me!
My Sun enriched skin
and drenched Kinky tweeds,

The code to freedom
Lies inside

Destiny Speaks through a
Pain induced labor of
Born into mass destruction,
Purposely overwhelmed with
Mass Seduction.

Even the scalera is Crystal clear,
when it’s all Three…

Textural Awakened

Through broken pieces of glass,

Everywhere complex

Cortex fearlessly shattered.

In due time

Pineal glands will Spark and Shatter!

Making reality’s easier to see

The Shadows and Light then Tango,

To a FUNKY beat!

The softness in the effort

To Smile,

Taken for granted.

Firing firm, thickened skin

Now covered with rashes.

Textures Awaken


Through it All.

No if’s, and’s, or but’s mumbled.

Tears say it all,

In a secret coded language only

God hears.


Magnetize soul pieces whole again

Bonded with a paradoxical glue

Ignored by plenty, over the few.

Stop, Drop, and Pray!

(The heart deeply yells)

Acknowledging and Surrendering to God

Allows Notice….to

The Sun’s spell

Flirting where nature dwells.

Following all days,

An anonymous number.

No time to flaunt,

Be nurtured with a Universal Understanding.

Presence within this Awareness

Debunks times illusion

causing societies mis-handling,

psychological MADNESS,

and Confusion!

Stand Textured and Awakened!

and it Be Alright!

Uniquely alert,

Shining Light for the Fallen,

The Emotional, and Mentally hurt.

Brokenness = 1-billion-piece puzzle,

This is where God works best.

Trust Source,

Enlightenment begins

Joining alignment with the Earth.

Living nothing short,

of God’s Will…

*Winning* πŸ™‚