Be Encouraged

Humanity is at its peak! We can and will ban together and not divide because Love ALWAYS wins. Stay Encouraged, these life issues (distractions) will too come to pass.

Real-time mood……authentically expressed.


God’s Plan

Extravagant thorns Extraordinary tears Triumphant blind spots revealed, Repeatedly. Woke? Then you know, To know, That you know nothing. Schedules delayed “Hold on one moment..” The operator repeats. Silence. Journeying on route 44, Not to be confused with route 45! Lead by a spirit prototype style gps. The calculated route is filled with detours, On … Continue reading God’s Plan

Chronic Pain…

Burdens Victimized Through a Lover’s eye Killing the Love from er, Dying cells of grief Clump slowly Cascading out of control Flips, Twirls, Flops Of life Filtered through Insanity. Distorting gravity Recharging cells Anonymously Into Believing you Loved me. Into Believing you were my rock. Slipery slopes of illusions Provide jagged edges Causing emotions To … Continue reading Chronic Pain…

The Simple Things…

I’m in Love… You meet me Daily Without prevail. You Soothe me Organically. Transference through time, I Feel You. I gaze softly Mesmerized,Β within the Boundless. Nocturnal-ish. The day fades, showing reflections of The most, Beautiful, Enchanting………Moon. *Courtesy of Florida skies, by way of Creation. #Nofilter*  

Peace, Love, & Insights..(YouTube Hangout)

Click πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡. Peace, Love, & Insights Series 1 of 2 (Watch Now!) My intention is to share Love. Its so much negativity around us, on many realms. This is your virtual time-out! The Vibe Clinic’s video component series…’Peace, Love, & Insights’… Positive Vibes Only… Lets kick it…in a healthy way! Subscribe!!! Here, and You Tube … Continue reading Peace, Love, & Insights..(YouTube Hangout)

An Emotional Dance..

This Mood swings from left to right Rhythmically, missing not one step! On time solutions Running late. So I must compensate the steps, To accentuate the Mood. Swinging from dust till dawn. Six-o’clock comes quick, AM/ PM. Or is it FM/AM? All I KNOW, is this Mood keeps Swinging. From Right to Left, missing not … Continue reading An Emotional Dance..