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Swag is a necessity
Often confused with over-confidence
Ya know, ego fed lives.

Swag pushes the plow
Tossing up the alphabet
When verbal farming is allowed.

Cultivating all senses
to feel the breeze
Dancing across the creases of the face.

Requires a mashup
Between thought and action.

Both provisions from ABBA
through Grace & Mercy,
Soul filled fung shui.

Renewal penetrates deeply
3rd Eye
Held mind,
“Becoming our best asset”

Add the heart
To find the greatest common denominator,

Decreasing those fragments
the ego once left
In couplets of “22’s”,
But not on a Cadillac

Swag is DNA woven
Fueling the Fearless of hearts.
While them Chevy’s ridin hot..

Rounding up fear
Stuck in survival mode.
Be who You want to Be
Percieve. Execute. Acheive.

Remains as the perspective
Dizzolving myths and lies
Historically fed inequities.

Distractions exist,
But that lesson in school was skipped
To teach to think
Instead of run.

Purposeful actions lead
through Wisdom Fields
with daffodils,
And all other, Universal elements to offer.


Destiny speaks in a
Pain induced labor of
Born in mass destruction
Mass seduction

Mr. & Mrs. Ancestrial,
art of storytelling
from deep sea.

Atlantic bound
Voices fluid with tears,
Leaking forward into the Now!
The Now Presents….

The Strength of Overcoming!
The Now, in which our spirits ignite,
In sparks of Glee…

All the credit is still being
Shipped and stored
Chyyyyye Please…

Yo lines of credit can’t afford Me!
My Sun enriched skin
and drenched Kinky tweeds,

The code to freedom
Lies inside

Destiny Speaks through a
Pain induced labor of
Born into mass destruction,
Purposely overwhelmed with
Mass Seduction.

Even the scalera is Crystal clear,
when it’s all Three…


Good Morning!! :0

The sound of the chirping birds and large vehicles passing by is not only beautiful, it is a Blessing. Hearing these urban delights, brings life into my awareness.  I was granted God’s Grace & Mercy yet again. I am grateful. Ya’ll if I get stuck on how my body feel, or how much it seems that I do not have, that would be down right disrespectful.  Instead of wallowing in lack and negativity, I choose light, and know that you have a choice also.

I am just stopping through on this fine morning to say hello, and remind you….

If you are reading this, you still have a chance to do everything you set your mind to. 😉 I pray each of you have a Great Day!




May I have this dance?
to Similies and Metaphors

B-Town Sliding
remaining Fearless and Bold

Dutty Whinin
with expectations,
or Intent,
to lyrically ascend
Through the infathomable dimensions…

but when You grabbed my thigh,
Our surroundings diminshed
to the dot of an “i”.

forming words,
Allowing Us to
Be and Come
literarially intertwined.

Today is a Great Day!  I am humbly Grateful for the perspective that I am continuously learning, and adapting , to LIVE with Purpose and Peace.  Great things come from Pain, I am fighting through several layers of it daily.  Literally and figuratively speaking…. God continues to Renew my Light, this beacon is Gleaming! My fiery instincts of Passion hemorrhages into overflow, reaching out with textured hands, equipped to grip, to HELP, stay Encouraged, to KEEP PUSHING through Life’s Ebb & Flow, trusting God to See and Operate through Me, as I do not exist. “I”, am just a conscious soul, reveling in Today, acknowledging Gods Promise, right, in this moment.

First. *Thank you* for taking the time out to read my poetry, and listen to my podcasts w/ The Vibe Clinic, and vybin with me with my Essential Oils craze! ( click hyperlink to learn more 🙂 )

Secondly. It took me soooo long to feel comfortable sharing my writings/thoughts with anyone..FORGET THE WORLD! lol.  However, during the last several years,  my life changed and I had been forced to Deal with a series of emotional/ physical/ mental baggage. Still Dealing…. It has not been easy, but I am Survivor! Spiritual Growth has been THE ONLY gateway to Healing, for Me. I sit before You, and the rest of the world…..Cracked, but not Broken. For this level of understanding,  I owe 100% of the Glory to God.

Have a Blessed Day! 🙂


Be honest…
Do you suffer from displaying, verbally or physically, uncontrolled anger in response to another driver/pedestrians “misjudgement” or mistake?(often)

Really?? Well, with the Prevention Series, my goal is to take daily irritating behaviors/habits, and reveal the inverse, with Positive thought. Positive thinking requires a real time, mental presence, or Awareness. 

Take an internal poll of Self, and realize what’s presently festering through your emotions?  How much of your findings were caused within this very minute? 👀 If none were, start sorting the past into the past, and allow the future to unfold as Divinely provised. It’s GREAT to have goals, recognize and understand that you can only work toward them one day at a time. Through Awareness, your future will become brighter than you presently envision it.🙏

Statistics show an overwhelming increase in road rage violence over the last 5 years. The amount of distractions that rob our attention in the car is insane! One major distraction is ( drum roll )..Cell Phones!! Many lives have been lost trying to type or read a text mesaage from a cellphone. It is not worth it. These acts, can be prevented!

Road Ragers, lets take a pause….and take a look at why irritation shows it’s ugly head, especially while driving.
What is happening in our hearts that allow a strangers misjudgement, mistake, or a near miss, takeover present emotions so negatively?
Are you in a rush? Are you stressed out from a disagreement with a friend/loved one? Depression?
Figure out Your bottom line. Unhealthy emotions left unchecked, oftentimes lead to pessimist outIook toward other people, life, and even yourself.

The Prevention series wants to encourage people that suffer from rage, to allow healing of your bottom line, the root of frustraition There’s alot of power in our words and actions, and without restraint, they can cause serious harm to other people, we never know the status of another persons heart and mind. Instead, choose to use the power of thought and words to aid in being Presently positive.

Here are some starter ways to practice Awareness the next time you are in the car…
1. Allow positivity to leave your lips, and into the atmosphere, prior to getting in the car. (Ex. “I will drive with patience calmly, and with perfect timing. I will not allow other’s actions shift MY emotions. Distractions will be prevented, to the best of my ability.”)

2. Learn to appreciate silence. When we allow diminishing of the outside world, this Stillness promotes processing the thoughts of the day, silence promotes Focus, Pray, or quietly show Gratitude for the environment around you.

3.Set your cell phone settings to hands free/driving mode. Alot of car models have bluetooth, use it.

4. Sing! If you can speak, you can sing. Allow your Soul to play.

Now that we have refreshed our attitudes, and mind, our Awareness will organically increase. Auto pilot off!  Operating a vehicle is a dangerous task which is taken for granted daily. Consciously drive in real time, with the understanding that each moment is a GIFT of Presence. Make the choice to excercise Patience, releasing judgement of other driving styles.

 Be Mindful of others, as well as yourself. We are all human, and we will at times, make mistakes. Road rage= Bully, and bullies are NOT cool!  Always remember, safety is first, and prevention remains key. So let’s make an oath to govern ourselves accordingly.✋

We have safely arrived to our destination🚙…As we revel in our consciousIy positive thought…there is no way You can still be mad???
Of course NOT! 😀

Be Happy! & Road Rage Free!🙏💜

Grateful is as
Grateful does.
Concubine emotions
Escape captivity
Through means of,

On-lookers gaze
In confusion and
Awe of,
Worn in Bright colors
Of Light,
Generated from
Twisting and Turning,
Of The
Sacred place,
Deep in the
of my belly.

Grateful is as
Grateful does.
Concubine emotions
Escape captivity
Through means of,


Written through Transparency…

History will not repeat itself! Over centuries, all cultures of Women have been through a great deal of inequality, abuse, and/or some form of socioeconomic oppression. Many Women have marched and sacrificed their lives so that one day, Women will gain/maintain the voice to fight for overall Respect for Womanhood all over the world. 

International Women’s Day was celebrated recently, on March 8th. I noticed the Beautiful essence of humanity showing it’s radiant glow in celebration of Femininity. I noticed Beauty within the essence of Humanity,  showing it’s radiant glow in celebration of Femininity. The clensing breeze of positive energy manifeated in Smiles, Participation, and Respectful Acknowledgment, toWomen. 💞

Let’s keep this ball rolling and meet Change. A change that would reconfigure society, enhancing the Goodness in All.
Distractions are nearly impossible to dodge, due to a promptful, trendy, convience laced, cell phone crazed, society we live in. ( just sayin)  Solidarity increases when each individual not only  hold accountability, but also become spiritually aware to Self. This act must be initiates in order to be able to develop genuine common interests with other people, aiding in developing meaningful, and healthy relationships along the way. In doing this, Unity is inevitable in all cultures. Right actions give Reverence to the ancestral struggles for their fiery attempt to empower Women around the globe. (Selflessly💜)

We have been Fearfully and Wonderfully made. Women will move with endurance in Faith and Prosperity, individually as well as in collective. There are so many obstacles that crawl into our heart space, in many colorless forms disguised as distraction. Distractions invade through vulnerabilities effecting the Mind, Body, and Soul. There are many dealing with Domestic Violence, Cancer, Lupus, Chronic Pain, Diabetes, Hypertension, HIV/AIDS, Depression, and other forms of Mental Illnesses,  etc..

Pastor Jamelia Young-Mitchell, of #CarChroniclesMovement/Unity, gave such an inspiring message on Womens Day ( as she does every day💜). She said, “God said, wake up and fix your crown today.” Her words resignated clear through to my bones. My spirit recognized her words as Truth. 

Queens all over the world,  in all diffrent stages of life, are becoming discouraged primarily from fighting life’s bundle of adversaries, alone. During our weakness and darkness, is when God hears our cries of Faith the loudest. In our brokenness, is the perfect time for God to restore and heal to Mind, Body, and Soul. You began to LIVE under God’s will over your life. I am living testimony. 🙏

There has been far too much pain!  It is time to willfully Let Go of  Self discouragement!  It is time to stop listening to the wrong people that are toxic and damaging, and detox our lives in ways that embrace our best Self.      You are a Queen!  💜 You are Beautiful! You possess a Fierce source of a Power of Femininity!

Women were not only designed to endure the magnificence of birthing children, but we also have the ability to give birth to our Dreams. In most times,  both of these things are done simultaneously. Superhero style! Ladies, you rock!💜

If you find that you are stuck in an obstacle, and it is hard for you to imagine positivity, and your outlook on life is bleak?  Stop everything right now, and make THE decision to make the positive changes needed to improve your quality of life. (Time is too short) Some changes may involve walking away from toxic people, or lifestyle habits, but most changes of permanence will be internal.

Healing starts in our spiritual hearts and minds. Lift up your Confidence, hold your head high, take a deep breath, and realize your breath gives you confirmation that it is not too late to do ANYTHING! Joy comes in the morning, the first breath of the day awards life. With Gratitude in this moment, you experience Joy.

Ladies, let’s aim to “Know Thyself”. This African Proverb is ancient wisdom in simplest terms. Truth in practice, illiminates the commotion of fitting in to be social accepted, or allowing your ego to ruin precious moments of time, that cannot be returned. You are strong and courageous with boundless opportunity waiting……You.

I am proud to Be. I am proud to be a Women. Let’s continue to Respect and Love Ourselves, and one another. Allow yourself to Resignate with your bright reflection from your mirror, and fall in Love with You again!

Remember to always keep your hand out to help someone else, to the best of tour ability,  through their turbulances in life. Empowerment lives in each Smile. So again, Smile, and fix your crown Today Queen, it’s slightly tilted.

Happy Women’s Day, Daily!!💜😀💜

*Kings, treat Women like the Queen’s they are…and of course vice versa..😋*

Written by: CeeCee
God Bless You💜.

*written in style of Hip Hop*

Run it bac
Mi come tru bringon heartattac!!!!

*Sucks teeth, and muggin*
I KNOW my balance, dont say nuttin!?!?

No comprende
Mui senile

To the words floating
out yo mouth!

They fall in def ears
So dont waste your time.
Your judgements??
Have fallen
into hands – of – time.

Renewed Reflections Glow
Initiating an
Organic Energy Cloning.

That Flows from Me to You.
And Our families too!
Stay Positive.
Be Inspired.
Motivating others too!

Run it bac!!!
Mi cumin Tru!

Huh! O! I was finna say…
I’m Spiritually Wealthy,
And Rich through Faith!
Yo system das calculatin???
It’s authenticity is Fake!!

I’ll submit to Duality,
Lettin go of everything, 
Expectations Free! 
Seizing the Souls, Wisdom and Peace,

Textured Awakenings…..

Diffusing Young Living’s Inspiration essential oil… (Click link 👇to learn more)

 Learn more about essential oils..

Mood: Expressively Me…

Rhythm: Imagine

Environment: Inspiration infused room of Silence, with full praise of My heartbeat, as it validates each moment that passes.
May My Gratitude pour out, dominating fear for everyone whom read this.. 🙏💜