Lunar Moments

The moon reminds me… Of you and me Intertwined Surely destine to ecstasy. The moon reminds me… Of emotion Felt Horizontal and vertical. The moon reminds me… Of my translucency Vybin through various realms of Truth. Slighted by more-thana-few Healing wombs emerge, N Flow. The moon reminds me… That the darkness is penetrated By beams … Continue reading Lunar Moments



Patience (Click above to take a listen πŸ™‚ ) Patience is called for at this time, in Our hearts and mind, with the ability to enhance Our communities. Clever distractions are among us to lure people from the journey of Self, leading to social demise. The Vibe Clinic will proudly be the annoying alarm clock … Continue reading Patience(Audio)

Letter to You….

( I wrote this letter to my Facebook commumity in 2015! I humbly share this same emotion with my new WordPress FamilyπŸ’œ!  #stillrelevantπŸ™ )  Dear Family and Friends, I here-by draw to your attention the need of Love within yourself, and reflecting this emotion onto your neighbor. Society has Power in this hour. Egos are … Continue reading Letter to You….

Love today and beyond…

There are many hearts in pieces today. The majority has called attention to this day, to express “Love”. I am not anti-Valentines Day. Lol. I feel a strong, personal, need to support Love not only today, but most importantly Beyond. Love is a precious jewel that is apart of who we are. (As an individual…which … Continue reading Love today and beyond…

Ra – Ra Sis Boom Blah!

I’ll be a cheerleader even when I dont care for the team. Flashes of smiles and laughter Rolls in stagnantcy. Your mouth says one thing With actions speaking differently. Apples and oranges laced with tones of complacency. Rolling tides of regret, Left guessing how to play The hand you’ve been dealt. Outside noises distract, Even … Continue reading Ra – Ra Sis Boom Blah!