Hyssopus Officinalis

Fact! Essential oils in it’s purity are synonymous with Nature. ESSENTIAL OILS STAND UP, and allow Humanity to see you for who you are, Nature.💜 The importance of Empowering ourselves … Continue reading Hyssopus Officinalis

Serving Cocktail Realness..

Want a cocktail that’s refreshingly Deliscious? Try my “Mystic Rain”!😋  This cocktail is infused with Young Living’s Vitality Lavender and Lemon Essential Oils….. Yall, this is sooooo good..  And the … Continue reading Serving Cocktail Realness..

Poetic Testimony

Essential Oils are AMAZING! Connecting, With fundamentals of creation?? That’s EVERYTHING! From Roots, Trees, Herbs and rines they bare, Living componets Of earth, to share. For the enhancement of Wellness … Continue reading Poetic Testimony

A Gift that keeps on giving…

DID YOU KNOW.. Per Food and Drug Administration, there only has to be 5% essential oil in the bottle to be labeled pure???? 😨 You can find these at MOST of your local stores……(receipts=check ingredient labels)  FYI…dont look for those oils to aid your family in living above the wellness line…