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Have you experienced “bad days”? Has life become stressful, or nothing seems to go right?

We’ll guess what? You are not alone. Everyone experience some unsavory times at some point throughout life’s journey. It is important to remain aware to self and your environment. Most times, these “bad days” are exacerbated by the need to have control, or not reaching a desired outcome.😣

You too can learn to cope via healthy habits during these times, by first surrendering control. You will be shocked at how things just “work out”, when circumstances are not contorted with our own will.🤔

Dont believe me? Try it!😁

Here are some ways you can WooSahh through, and preserve your sanity.🙏

Call someone trustworthy. Sometimes we need to just have a soundboard. Weither it is a loved one, or special friend, “dumping”on someone shouldn’t be a concern….If it’s real! 👀

Excercise. Not to make it sound like However, nature heals. The universal elements were also created for a Divine purpose. Go for a walk on a trail…summin like medicine. 🖤

Meditate. Allow your mind to be Still. Treat yourself to quiet time, you have ALL to gain. Begin by sitting or lying in a comfortable position, close eyes, and concentrate on your deep breathing. Thats it! It’s some great guided meditaions out there, all you have to do is start…🙏

Take a Bath! Clense your body of “the day”. Relax, Reset, and Renew. Be creative…add some lavender, sea salt, etc.💦💦

Feel free to customize your Rejuvenation Toolbox as needed. Most importantly remember to remain consciously Grateful at all times. Retraining thoughts and habits will empower you to find the GIFT, in your next “bad day”.

You can..

You will..

You are..

God Bless,

💥What bad days? Chhye Bye!💥

Have you ever felt alone?? But deeply you know that you are not?? Kinda….Sigh*💯

(🔊Transparency Moment)

I have been coping with chronic pain, recent surgical acute pain, interdependence, friendship illusions, and solitude. Sometimes even for the healthiest minds, these phases of life can start to play tricks on us mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally. One of the hardest things that I HAD to adjust to, was to watch “other people lives move on”. (If that makes sense?😔)

The magical experiences mentioned above, is solitude. This is the place where my journey of soulful introspection began, because I had been consciously and spiritually broken.🙏

Please, please…do not mistake solitude for loneliness. Yes, they are synonymous. But the under and over tones of both words can allow mental travel to two totally-diffrent destinations!😨

Loneliness struck and lingered for about a year after my (life altering) car accident, approx 3 years ago. There is so much negative thought and connotational baggage, sadness, and ultimately depression associated with this frame of mindset.

What I’m learning, is that prespective is everything. We have the freedom power to choose to accept, deny, feel, or be numb… Some times the concept of Free Will becomes convoluted with trends and socioeconomic conditioning which makes it’s importance as an aid to decision making, hard to decipher. BUT, as my pain deepened, things became consciously obvious for the need of my spiritual roots strengthening, becoming conducive to life.

Our souls are Divinely immersed with God’s Plan. I do not know what the plan is for me, but what I do know is the scars of violence, variations of abuse, self sabotage, and etc.

These unconscious fragments floating freely through my heart center, placed me in a never ending marathon (that I so am not fit to run in!!!😬).

I will continuously thank God for his Grace & Mercy which provides me with the understanding between loneliness and solitude. Divine Wisdom.😍

This is a heck of a humbling ride!!🚀 I overstand how hard it is…😔 So, right now I dedicate my real-time tears 👀💦of Faith to YOU. Faith towards the various things that attacks, You will Overcome them.🙏💯

Humility is lacking today, and how? When our primary function is to Be human. Textured Awakenings is here as a virtual safe place of fellowship to stop, regroup, re-structure, and sometimes re-route. Renewal of the Mind, Body, and Soul is the spiritual reward for trusting God within all seasons, even when He cannot be traced.

Pay positivity forward. It’s FREE!

Thank you.✌💞

Hey Ya’ll! It has been a minute since I have blogged 😔…. There’s been alot going on behind the scenes of life, that my time has been allocated a little diffrently these days.😌

As some of my poetry, and free writings suggest pain, spirituality, and true freedom….Writing comes from my ❤ and soul! Free therapy. Lol.

Today, I am in route to the hospital to have surgery and fusion of a disc in my neck. ( all residual injuries from a car accident almost 3 years ago in Feb.)

I humbly ask my fellow bloggers, colleagues, friends, and family to please uplift , not just me, but each other in prayer this morning. We are all presented with various problems in life. Overcoming them, holds not only the beauty, but God’s Promise in it all.

I am choosing to hold onto Faith. God does not make any mistakes, may his Will be done. I AM A BELIEVER!😍🙌

I pray that everyone that spends precious time to read this, may your life be continuously Blessed.

I dont know whats next for me, my Trust is with God 100%. There has been so many layers of pain infused Joy…..I am humbly speachless, and excitedly anxious to see what my Lord and Savior cooks up for me next. I’m sure it will be soulfully Excellent!🙏.

I’m here!!!! Until my next update. God Bless each and every one of you!😇


Destiny speaks in a
Pain induced labor of
Born in mass destruction
Mass seduction

Mr. & Mrs. Ancestrial,
art of storytelling
from deep sea.

Atlantic bound
Voices fluid with tears,
Leaking forward into the Now!
The Now Presents….

The Strength of Overcoming!
The Now, in which our spirits ignite,
In sparks of Glee…

All the credit is still being
Shipped and stored
Chyyyyye Please…

Yo lines of credit can’t afford Me!
My Sun enriched skin
and drenched Kinky tweeds,

The code to freedom
Lies inside

Destiny Speaks through a
Pain induced labor of
Born into mass destruction,
Purposely overwhelmed with
Mass Seduction.

Even the scalera is Crystal clear,
when it’s all Three…


Good Morning!! :0

The sound of the chirping birds and large vehicles passing by is not only beautiful, it is a Blessing. Hearing these urban delights, brings life into my awareness.  I was granted God’s Grace & Mercy yet again. I am grateful. Ya’ll if I get stuck on how my body feel, or how much it seems that I do not have, that would be down right disrespectful.  Instead of wallowing in lack and negativity, I choose light, and know that you have a choice also.

I am just stopping through on this fine morning to say hello, and remind you….

If you are reading this, you still have a chance to do everything you set your mind to. 😉 I pray each of you have a Great Day!




Today is a Great Day!  I am humbly Grateful for the perspective that I am continuously learning, and adapting , to LIVE with Purpose and Peace.  Great things come from Pain, I am fighting through several layers of it daily.  Literally and figuratively speaking…. God continues to Renew my Light, this beacon is Gleaming! My fiery instincts of Passion hemorrhages into overflow, reaching out with textured hands, equipped to grip, to HELP, stay Encouraged, to KEEP PUSHING through Life’s Ebb & Flow, trusting God to See and Operate through Me, as I do not exist. “I”, am just a conscious soul, reveling in Today, acknowledging Gods Promise, right, in this moment.

First. *Thank you* for taking the time out to read my poetry, and listen to my podcasts w/ The Vibe Clinic, and vybin with me with my Essential Oils craze! ( click hyperlink to learn more 🙂 )

Secondly. It took me soooo long to feel comfortable sharing my writings/thoughts with anyone..FORGET THE WORLD! lol.  However, during the last several years,  my life changed and I had been forced to Deal with a series of emotional/ physical/ mental baggage. Still Dealing…. It has not been easy, but I am Survivor! Spiritual Growth has been THE ONLY gateway to Healing, for Me. I sit before You, and the rest of the world…..Cracked, but not Broken. For this level of understanding,  I owe 100% of the Glory to God.

Have a Blessed Day! 🙂


Textural Awakened

Through broken pieces of glass,

Everywhere complex

Cortex fearlessly shattered.

In due time

Pineal glands will Spark and Shatter!

Making reality’s easier to see

The Shadows and Light then Tango,

To a FUNKY beat!

The softness in the effort

To Smile,

Taken for granted.

Firing firm, thickened skin

Now covered with rashes.

Textures Awaken


Through it All.

No if’s, and’s, or but’s mumbled.

Tears say it all,

In a secret coded language only

God hears.


Magnetize soul pieces whole again

Bonded with a paradoxical glue

Ignored by plenty, over the few.

Stop, Drop, and Pray!

(The heart deeply yells)

Acknowledging and Surrendering to God

Allows Notice….to

The Sun’s spell

Flirting where nature dwells.

Following all days,

An anonymous number.

No time to flaunt,

Be nurtured with a Universal Understanding.

Presence within this Awareness

Debunks times illusion

causing societies mis-handling,

psychological MADNESS,

and Confusion!

Stand Textured and Awakened!

and it Be Alright!

Uniquely alert,

Shining Light for the Fallen,

The Emotional, and Mentally hurt.

Brokenness = 1-billion-piece puzzle,

This is where God works best.

Trust Source,

Enlightenment begins

Joining alignment with the Earth.

Living nothing short,

of God’s Will

*Winning* 🙂

Hello!!! What better day, than Today to remind you slow, steady, and consistent movement towards your life / career / financial goals wins the race!!!

Speed is soooo OVERrated. Sometimes I feel like rushing, leads to irritability, which deters the cool, calm, and collected spirit and mentality needed to succeed.

The turtle in the featured pic is real. I photographed him trying to get to the pond. As long as the turtle continued to place one foot in front of the other, he made it to his Abundance, the pond offered. Food, water, and refreshing shelter….

Don’t be afraid in being the turtle…He made it safely to it’s paradise. The basic fundamentals of the turtle’s journey, inspired me. NOTHING BEATS A FAILURE, BUT A TRY.

May Your day continue to be filled with endless Blessings. Most importantly, Pay close attention to not miss them.💞


Patience (Click above to take a listen 🙂 )

Patience is called for at this time, in Our hearts and mind, with the ability to enhance Our communities. Clever distractions are among us to lure people from the journey of Self, leading to social demise. The Vibe Clinic will proudly be the annoying alarm clock to Awaken. In this episode, we toss around a few positive practices to continuously develop and build Patience, improving the quality of Life.

Thank you very much for your Time and Patronage of My Passion Speakinig…

CeeCee 🙂

Pre-Financial Freedom(listen above)

#TBT!! 7/27/2017:)  Allow me to share an episode from The Vibe Clinic, Season 1, Pre-Financial Freedom. Coin.. Coin.. Coin!  Lol. Money has always been at the root of most things concrete.  Struggles, Hardships, Lust, Envy, Jealousy, Power..etc. You get the picture right?  A saying that rang familiar growing up was, “Money is the root of all things evil,” comes to mind after thinking about the terrifying real life scenarios, but what if money turns out to not be that, evil, after all?

I have learned from personal experiences, and teachings from money savvy Friends, that the relationships that some individuals develop with money,  may be tainted or toxic. (some of the same examples above, many more I’m sure) Money,  is a subject in many cultures that still remain “private” or off the table of discussion in homes. This tradition of socioeconomic conditioning has been a mental pest for centuries. Identify these toxicities, you are not alone… Let’s Act!

In this old school episode,  Anthony Sinkfield shares basic fundamental  principles in hopes to expose resources , and ignite inspiration towards Empowering, and Educating individuals with Understanding and Operating their lives through Financial Literacy.

These starting bullet points, used effectively, will help change unhealthy habits and mindsets around handling/spending Money, ultimately catapulting you into LIVING a life of well deserved, Financial Freedom. WOOHOO! 🙂

For any Questions, or Entrepreneurial interests please do not hesitate to contact Anthony. He is always looking to work with Ambitious Licensed Life and Health Insurance agents, nationwide. If you are a non-licensed, and have great interest in growing a career in a BOOMING industry,  there’s a 30-90 day program available, please email Anthony for details. See contact/credentials below..:)

Anthony Sinkfield
Life & Health Insurance Agent
Holds Series 6 and 63 Securities
Director @ PHP Agency
Tucson, Arizona
*Licensed in Alaska, Arizona, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Florida*


Awakening to Mind. Body. Soul. & Pockets…. CeeCee