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Enough is Enough,
sliced erratically.
synonyms hesitate,
pronouns embrace
the circumference of trying
chance against fate.

Enough is Enough,
said fast or slow.
international meaning,
yet transcribed by regions feanin,
misguided actions collect.
straight tally’n,
it’s a dark season,
metaphorically speaking.

Enough is Enough,
commonly mouthed
by the narcissistic,
manipulating the script.

Is enough enough?
chopped and screwed,
rewinding accountability
exposing cerebraltoxins
scientifically diagnosed,
many times too late!

You will recognize
Enough is Enough,
if attention was paid.
morals are sexy,
must be fried, died, and layed,
ergonomically slayed!

It’s okay.
Enough is Enough,
is only a phrase.
it’s simple math,
contexed principles,
that saves.

Enough IS Enough,
mean it today!
this choice is afforded freely to all,
toxic behavior
will fade,
to Light-Bright,
naked with infinite potentials,
bull riding positive change,
but NOT afraid.

One MUST endure
One day.

Life experiences will guide
Us down a foreseen path.
Decisions made,

and Altering,
East from West.

Merging north into south,
the middle becomes
a perimeter around the heart.

Pages turn,
as to no end.
Growing uniquely into

Journaled 10/27/2012…& still relevant!🙏🖤

a Groovy groove-groove,
allows Jammin to a jammy-jam,
(In my head)
CHILLIN on a chill-chill,
illuminating Love-Love,
from the heart’s of heart,
like, expressed-expressed,
in textures of authenticity,
from Me to You,

*This is the 3rd year anniversary from my car accident were tragedy lead to this prospective Today. The Compassion which fill my heart, has a price of pain.*

Swag is a necessity
Often confused with over-confidence
Ya know, ego fed lives.

Swag pushes the plow
Tossing up the alphabet
When verbal farming is allowed.

Cultivating all senses
to feel the breeze
Dancing across the creases of the face.

Requires a mashup
Between thought and action.

Both provisions from ABBA
through Grace & Mercy,
Soul filled fung shui.

Renewal penetrates deeply
3rd Eye
Held mind,
“Becoming our best asset”

Add the heart
To find the greatest common denominator,

Decreasing those fragments
the ego once left
In couplets of “22’s”,
But not on a Cadillac

Swag is DNA woven
Fueling the Fearless of hearts.
While them Chevy’s ridin hot..

Rounding up fear
Stuck in survival mode.
Be who You want to Be
Percieve. Execute. Acheive.

Remains as the perspective
Dizzolving myths and lies
Historically fed inequities.

Distractions exist,
But that lesson in school was skipped
To teach to think
Instead of run.

Purposeful actions lead
through Wisdom Fields
with daffodils,
And all other, Universal elements to offer.


“Cee Cee do you love me?” ….Of Course I love me! ( Yes I did answer Well we all have become familiar with Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ song…  There is NO dance for how I feel!  Instead I am going to challenge myself silently to deal with the issues and circumstances that plague my mind.

Wellllllllll………… for blogs sake, I can get out of my feelings and use my  imagination a little bit. 😉  If I had to place a dance based on how I feel, it would be the ‘Erk & Jerk!’  (Old School wit` it) LOL. Seriously, it is necessary for me to stay humble and continue to trust God.  Many aspects in life can seem cruel, but deep inside my loins, I know that all things work together for His Good.

Chronic neck/back/neurological pain is NO JOKE!! I have been suffering with back pain now for over 2 years, and now MY NECK! Pain is subjective, and unfortunately the most commonly judged. There are billions of people with hidden issues that say they are in pain for many reasons. Addictions, Attention, Psychological, Emotional,  and for many other ulterior intent. (GET HELP!)

I want to bring into Awareness, of Non-Judgement. Not one person within our species could see, read or measure another persons heart. The people who habitually judge against another, please Stop! You are radiating darkness that only heightens negativity, not only within your own reality, but this sickness then drips out effecting others. *BLAH*

Yes! I am “In MY Feelings” about Pain, but it’s bigger than the pain that I am feeling.  It is bigger than You or Me. The Trust, Compassion, Kindness, & Joy that I soulfully experience is confirmation of this reality each and every day!!  Pain is something that is happening to my body.  I have to remind myself  this daily…maybe even hourly.. lol( For Real) I cannot allow whatever my flesh endure to alter My Universal Perspective that is Divinely driven. The darkness is tricky y’all. It roams through the air , lurking to taint, abuse, and manipulate hearts and minds alike. When evil strikes unconsciously, it leaves behind waves of suffering, misery, and pain…….

CHOOSE THE LIGHT! Through Prayer, Faith, Mediation, Positive Thinking, and continuously striving to be the best person YOU can,  in spite of…………. is the weaponry to Win This Fight!

So, I ask You Today to place your name before the,  ‘do you love me’, and honestly answer that question…..

If there’s any hesitancy or your answer is No???  I challenge you to take start the journey of tapping into your own light source ( Spirit), Forgive, and Heal the reasons why. We have an unknown amount of Time in this life. Our lives are Purposeful and Abundant.  The darkness is tricky, but there is still  NO competition against the inspiration-filled spectrums of Light!

God Bless,

Cee Cee Robinson-Gary

Allow me to introduce my 14 year old mini-me, Pancakes. She was determined to find an adopted toy deep- down in there. Lol (As if she needs annnnny more toys)

Her determination inspired me. She made me chuckle, and also encouraged me to keep cruising through life, sharpening my passion…. even if I do encounter No’s!

Stay Blessed….✌


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    My Present Moment..(Spoken Word)*Press Play Below:)

    Welcome to the bare naked Truth of, My Present Moment. This moment is exposed as Florida’s Elemental Winds blow through me as I sit Gracefully, my Soul is kissed in the mouth by Nature. This short, and positively, natural, overview is shared in style of words spoken. Gratitude supports the essence of acknowledging the simple things. Thank you fo your Time and Support Vybin with me today…. SUBSCRIBE!!!

    *The winds heard in this podcast are real*


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    The roots, trees, seeds, fruit, bushes, and shrubs are truly Priceless. They provide endless benefit, and nourishment for animals and humans alike. For everything under, and including, the sun has been crafted with Purpose, Intent, and Will.

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    Nature could never be duplicated in a lab. The act of adding anything to Nature is borderline disrespectful. We have yet to fully discover the wonders from it’s ancients. I am Grateful for Dr. Gary Young’s, ‘Seed to Seal’ process and Mission Testiment in founding Young Living. This company makes it possible for me to experience roots/shrubs in native to our lands, and in the rawest form.🙏

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    God Bless You!