State of Mind…

Have you ever felt alone?? But deeply you know that you are not?? Kinda….Sigh*πŸ’― (πŸ”ŠTransparency Moment) I have been coping with chronic pain, recent surgical acute pain, interdependence, friendship illusions, and solitude. Sometimes even for the healthiest minds, these phases of life can start to play tricks on us mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally. One … Continue reading State of Mind…



  Take a listen… Decisions..Decisions! Decision making in life can be a challenging task. In this episode, we pause and take a look at how unkealthy decisions plague us daily, having tragic effects like domestic violence, and even suicide. The Vibe Clinic ponders some thought provoking solutions to aid in adapting to make healthy decisions, … Continue reading Decisions..Decisions

Peace, Love, & Insights..(YouTube Hangout)

Click πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡. Peace, Love, & Insights Series 1 of 2 (Watch Now!) My intention is to share Love. Its so much negativity around us, on many realms. This is your virtual time-out! The Vibe Clinic’s video component series…’Peace, Love, & Insights’… Positive Vibes Only… Lets kick it…in a healthy way! Subscribe!!! Here, and You Tube … Continue reading Peace, Love, & Insights..(YouTube Hangout)

The Truth.

2/24/18 Vibe Check βœ”….. As I lay in my hospital bed hurting, aching, with so many questions…answers unfound. I’m slowly fading invisibly to the naked eye. Yet when my physical body is transparent, my spiritual sight is heightened. Through the darkness I see a light shining down from the sky…The sky is where I was … Continue reading The Truth.