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One MUST endure
One day.

Life experiences will guide
Us down a foreseen path.
Decisions made,

and Altering,
East from West.

Merging north into south,
the middle becomes
a perimeter around the heart.

Pages turn,
as to no end.
Growing uniquely into

Journaled 10/27/2012…& still relevant!πŸ™πŸ–€

Silence is golden, almost to a fault.
They rubbed, touched, and yanked
and through Silence, I fought.

Silence is golden, almost to a fault.
As the neysaids manipulation
sheilded Silence, from thought.

Silence is golden, almost to a fault.
Provised Stillness, provokes higher
Thoughts. Sliced and diced
Thrown in a melting pot ofForgiveness.

Silence IS Golden
Now an Alchemist is born.
Wisdom granted, ALMOST to a fault.

Written & Experienced By: CeeCeeπŸ™

Be honest…
Do you suffer from displaying, verbally or physically, uncontrolled anger in response to another driver/pedestrians “misjudgement” or mistake?(often)

Really?? Well, with the Prevention Series, my goal is to take daily irritating behaviors/habits, and reveal the inverse, with Positive thought. Positive thinking requires a real time, mental presence, or Awareness. 

Take an internal poll of Self, and realize what’s presently festering through your emotions?  How much of your findings were caused within this very minute? πŸ‘€ If none were, start sorting the past into the past, and allow the future to unfold as Divinely provised. It’s GREAT to have goals, recognize and understand that you can only work toward them one day at a time. Through Awareness, your future will become brighter than you presently envision it.πŸ™

Statistics show an overwhelming increase in road rage violence over the last 5 years. The amount of distractions that rob our attention in the car is insane! One major distraction is ( drum roll )..Cell Phones!! Many lives have been lost trying to type or read a text mesaage from a cellphone. It is not worth it. These acts, can be prevented!

Road Ragers, lets take a pause….and take a look at why irritation shows it’s ugly head, especially while driving.
What is happening in our hearts that allow a strangers misjudgement, mistake, or a near miss, takeover present emotions so negatively?
Are you in a rush? Are you stressed out from a disagreement with a friend/loved one? Depression?
Figure out Your bottom line. Unhealthy emotions left unchecked, oftentimes lead to pessimist outIook toward other people, life, and even yourself.

The Prevention series wants to encourage people that suffer from rage, to allow healing of your bottom line, the root of frustraition There’s alot of power in our words and actions, and without restraint, they can cause serious harm to other people, we never know the status of another persons heart and mind. Instead, choose to use the power of thought and words to aid in being Presently positive.

Here are some starter ways to practice Awareness the next time you are in the car…
1. Allow positivity to leave your lips, and into the atmosphere, prior to getting in the car. (Ex. “I will drive with patience calmly, and with perfect timing. I will not allow other’s actions shift MY emotions. Distractions will be prevented, to the best of my ability.”)

2. Learn to appreciate silence. When we allow diminishing of the outside world, this Stillness promotes processing the thoughts of the day, silence promotes Focus, Pray, or quietly show Gratitude for the environment around you.

3.Set your cell phone settings to hands free/driving mode. Alot of car models have bluetooth, use it.

4. Sing! If you can speak, you can sing. Allow your Soul to play.

Now that we have refreshed our attitudes, and mind, our Awareness will organically increase. Auto pilot off!  Operating a vehicle is a dangerous task which is taken for granted daily. Consciously drive in real time, with the understanding that each moment is a GIFT of Presence. Make the choice to excercise Patience, releasing judgement of other driving styles.

 Be Mindful of others, as well as yourself. We are all human, and we will at times, make mistakes. Road rage= Bully, and bullies are NOT cool!  Always remember, safety is first, and prevention remains key. So let’s make an oath to govern ourselves accordingly.βœ‹

We have safely arrived to our destinationπŸš™…As we revel in our consciousIy positive thought…there is no way You can still be mad???
Of course NOT! πŸ˜€

Be Happy! & Road Rage Free!πŸ™πŸ’œ

I feel so Blessed within my connection in Oneness. When I mention Oneness, people think I’m referring to meditations, or voluntary, involuntary solitude, sadness, or maybe even withdrawing from my surroundings….That’s not so.

Have you ever been in a space where the sound of your telephone, makes your blood cringe? It may not have anything to do with whos calling, just the telephone, itself, can becomes so annoyingly redundant, that you turn it on silent and forget on purpose. Lol.  I can’t be alone in feeling this way…😌

πŸ“’And do not get me started on the television! Lol. Programming is so concretely real. There are so many algorithms in place to funnel “the right” content, to “the right” demographic, so “the right” people can get paid, Sadly,  off others demise. How has this been happening for so long without anyone taking notice? Don’t get me wrong, there are some healthy channels and educational media out there..shout out to BBC, and my VH1 Soul type channels. Case and point….some of the best channels are not even available through all cable providers …(But these networks ARE nationally syndicated??…. )πŸ‘€ O.K.

In my opinion,(this is all my reality television has taken over reality for many people. Programmers prey on the citizens to become distracted with the tv characters superficial dream.  While your awareness is looted, theres a line being smudged at your toes. Conveniently blending the boundries of reality in between, and by the time you realize anything, you imitating, you pretending, and you are caught up in a web of lies that don’t even belong to you, leaving many victimized before they even get off the couch! No more!! Awareness is life, and if you are not aware, where does that place you?

I’m gonna tell you…DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!🎀 That phrase is more than a hook from classic hip hop, it’s evidence based Truth.  The hype (distractions) stand taller than Mt Sinai, escorting you with pure,  unfiltered, shade. Shade that only speak when spoken to. Shade that hides God’s healing sun on purpose, enabling your mind to be looted in the dark. Anonymously
funneling fear laced hormones
Straight into your dome
Products crafted carefree and ..

We must continuously disect and trim the overgrowths blinding our sight.
The signage still sitting on the side
of the street, this time on your Right.
Spray painted and swaying,
Yet the words remain clear.
Awaiting to signal Clear Pathways,
Clear Intentions..
Clarity, refined in ALL phases
Of Being.

Every set of eyes that read this post has a testimony. The world is busy, and without a healthy mentality, it is fading to black , almost as fast as the speed of light. What if there were a cure? A cure to lighten the emotional and mental suffering of our people. A cure that allows individual thought process to work respectfully towards a common goal…

Mr. William Shakespeare famously  stated in Hamlet, “To Be or not to Be, that is the question..” That was centuries ago, and yet this still remains the question.

Be Happy. Be Positive. Be Loyal. Be Kind. Just Be. Sheer existence, while displaying Humility toward all forms of life… Every attribute named are free of cost. The act of Breathing Divinely annoints the opportunity for all to exist. Fill your spiritual shopping cart with nutrients needed to tell friend from foe, truth vs. lie, and Good vs evil. There’s No money required!!

In my Oneness I look around, and I see that I am no diffrent from the plant that blooms, or no diffrent from the eco system that is silently taking place right under my feet. Let’s not venture off into judgement and allow ourselves to question these fundamental gifts. There are many species, and homeosapians are only one. We are all ALIVE! 🌍

Our Creator created this universe and everything in it. From the stars, to oceans, to even Pluto and Mars..
The complexities of this world
Goes undefined
It doesnt matter whos thinking
You, Them, or Me
Our human minds wont be able to see.
So why do we look to Man
To solve,

Truth hurts,
But the pain is only temporary.
Perform due diligence on yourself
Taking actions to
heal your Soul to whole.
With Spirit acknowledged,
Oneness will unfold.

There is no seperation between
the universe and Me.
God controls all things,
Is what I Believe.
Seeking Salvation in anything other than our Creator, they guessing, trying to figure life out just like me!

I share My Peace and Joy
that vibrates at an exceptional rate,
Making my heart flutter, skip, jump
Obeying fate
To that steady beat.

Happiness fills my veins,
makin me wanna cut myself spiritually
and bleed..Freeing..
Feeding… God’s word to all of his people.
Sharing genuine Love
In My state of Oneness.
A space where everything appears clearly as it is…

Join me in Alchemy.
Keeping Faith
Being sensitive to His message,
And Guidance turn by turn
Transforming life’s advisary
Into a Priceless Abundance
Of God’s rarest pleasantries.πŸ’œ


Today is the day that changed my life.

Vehicle collision out of nowhere


Here comes strife…

Aches and pains

Flow down the drain

And recycle themselves daily.

Lawyer who? They can’t help me,

If they dont possess a degree in Alchemy.

The dotted line remains

Synonymous with money.

Broke as a joke told on Doomsday

Never would I have thought of

Meeting Myself, like this,

Face to face.

Missed understandings exacerbated

Times ten.

I look to my left, then my right

And can’t seem to find my “friends”.

Illusions drift while,

The game of hide and seek never get old.

All it takes is for you to go through and

Spiritual sight shows the diffrence

Between glitter and gold.

Thirty years of running fast

Through time and space

Giving away ALL my lunch tickets

Left hungry and inable to feed my Crown.

Today is the day that changed my life.

Two years ago to be exact.

What brought disaster

Catapulted me into his veins of Grace.

Slowing me down,

Healing the perspective of Eye.

Preparing for an alternate route

Only the Spirit can drive.

My tears are still present

Although they exist through Faith,

Painfully broken

With salvaged Goods that remain.

I am Somebody!

Even if I don’t have a dime.

My wealth lies in Spirit

And my best friend is Time.

So keep pushing through

What seems to be unfair.

This may be your very protection

From your own dispair.

Today is the day that changed my life.

This journey has been the hardest yet

Even death couldn’t suffice.

Salvation doesnt come easy

And I aint seen nuttin yet.


I sit or stand,

May even walk with a limp.

But my flesh no longer binds me

My Spirit of Discernment

Has been Pimped.

Testimonials of Freedom

Unite the lights within

I aint goin through all this for nothing

Soon..I will be able to jump back in.

February 2, 2016

Was the beginning of reality.

Everything happens for a reason

I dare not question Thee.

I’m just Humbly Thankful I am Free.

Written&Experienced by: CeeCeeπŸ’œ

He playin this saxophone
Like he know what I need.
Encouraging the mood of love
In the daytime.
Loud, Proud, and Gentle,
My ears become ercet with anticipation
Of the next riff..

Light on my feet and damn-nere Breathless,
I wait.
With full intent to know more about
THE origin of time in which
THIS sound traveled from.

Organic in nature
Deeply within my souls chakras.
With Divine seating
For this sound coming from
The Saxophone.

Senses heightened thru realms,
Communicating with the inverse of self
On parallel dimensions.
Dimensions where the saxophone
Plays humans as instruments,
Creating cries of Freedom
With every breath,
My ears remain erect because
He is so handsome…