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Hello Everyone!

I pray that you all are having a Great day. It’s possible even with all the distractions flowing through the atmosphere…

It is, and always have been, Real In These Streets! Now, there are a lot more people affected by many things like small business shutdowns, natural disasters, political frantic, local/federal gov’t doin what THEY do, sprinkles all the way down into each individual’s heart.

Of course, it depends on how these issues of the world are perceived….is the cup half empty or half full? No answer is wrong.

Allow Me to be a beacon of light, shining from inward, highlighting the illusions and deceit that plagues around our species to date. Kandi Buress wrote a song some years ago, “Fly Above”…..That song still comes to mind as a reminder to sweep and clean Self to become lighter to fly above all the hate, and God will fix the rest.

Humanity is at its peak! We can and will ban together and not divide because Love ALWAYS wins. Stay Encouraged, these life issues (distractions) will too come to pass.

Real-time mood……authentically expressed.


Have you ever felt alone?? But deeply you know that you are not?? Kinda….Sigh*πŸ’―

(πŸ”ŠTransparency Moment)

I have been coping with chronic pain, recent surgical acute pain, interdependence, friendship illusions, and solitude. Sometimes even for the healthiest minds, these phases of life can start to play tricks on us mentally, physically, financially, and emotionally. One of the hardest things that I HAD to adjust to, was to watch “other people lives move on”. (If that makes sense?πŸ˜”)

The magical experiences mentioned above, is solitude. This is the place where my journey of soulful introspection began, because I had been consciously and spiritually broken.πŸ™

Please, please…do not mistake solitude for loneliness. Yes, they are synonymous. But the under and over tones of both words can allow mental travel to two totally-diffrent destinations!😨

Loneliness struck and lingered for about a year after my (life altering) car accident, approx 3 years ago. There is so much negative thought and connotational baggage, sadness, and ultimately depression associated with this frame of mindset.

What I’m learning, is that prespective is everything. We have the freedom power to choose to accept, deny, feel, or be numb… Some times the concept of Free Will becomes convoluted with trends and socioeconomic conditioning which makes it’s importance as an aid to decision making, hard to decipher. BUT, as my pain deepened, things became consciously obvious for the need of my spiritual roots strengthening, becoming conducive to life.

Our souls are Divinely immersed with God’s Plan. I do not know what the plan is for me, but what I do know is the scars of violence, variations of abuse, self sabotage, and etc.

These unconscious fragments floating freely through my heart center, placed me in a never ending marathon (that I so am not fit to run in!!!😬).

I will continuously thank God for his Grace & Mercy which provides me with the understanding between loneliness and solitude. Divine Wisdom.😍

This is a heck of a humbling ride!!πŸš€ I overstand how hard it is…πŸ˜” So, right now I dedicate my real-time tears πŸ‘€πŸ’¦of Faith to YOU. Faith towards the various things that attacks, You will Overcome them.πŸ™πŸ’―

Humility is lacking today, and how? When our primary function is to Be human. Textured Awakenings is here as a virtual safe place of fellowship to stop, regroup, re-structure, and sometimes re-route. Renewal of the Mind, Body, and Soul is the spiritual reward for trusting God within all seasons, even when He cannot be traced.

Pay positivity forward. It’s FREE!

Thank you.βœŒπŸ’ž

Allow me to introduce my 14 year old mini-me, Pancakes. She was determined to find an adopted toy deep- down in there. Lol (As if she needs annnnny more toys)

Her determination inspired me. She made me chuckle, and also encouraged me to keep cruising through life, sharpening my passion…. even if I do encounter No’s!

Stay Blessed….✌

There are many hearts in pieces today. The majority has called attention to this day, to express “Love”. I am not anti-Valentines Day. Lol. I feel a strong, personal, need to support Love not only today, but most importantly Beyond.

Love is a precious jewel that is apart of who we are. (As an individual…which reflects in the collective) Love begins deep within our Soul selves, handcrafted, made from genuine God-lee-ness.

It hurts my heart for the people that feel excluded because they dont have a significant other, or no money to really do what you would like, and some, may not harness their own Love. Developing the inability to recognize Love, even when Love stares back at them from the mirror.

Candy and flowers, parish. Purses and shoes become worn, and money, can be a lethal weapon in the wrong, financially illiterate hand. Love withstands all tests of weather,  and unnecessary roughness. Love is everlasting, and doesn’t come in form of an outside symbol, that just happens to peak on February 14th.

Dry your weeping eyes, and lift your heavy hearts. Dust off the bitterness, accumulated from some OUTSIDE source. Love yourself Today, and Beyond…stay par for course. I am putting you on notice to understand that Love is priceless, and cannot be bought with any riches, of this land.

God has Blessed my heart with an abundance of Love to share. Selfless through hardships and pain, even loving the people that may speak negatively about you, in vain. Let’s Love without judgement (Vibe Clinic episode), because another persons heart can’t be seen with this dimension of vision…

Today, I extend both arms out to you, with positive intent to share my Love. I pray that Love drips into every crevice, even if its gaurded. May whomever reading this post become Alive through their heart and mind, to Love for themselves.

I Love Yall & Happy Valentine’s DayπŸ’œ
Experienced & Written by: CeeCee

Thank you so much for listening to my ideas on how we can recognize when we may be judging others, and some ways to troubleshoot, reboot to positive thought. Happiness and Peace is obtainable for us all, on this Soul-filled Sunday! Enjoy this Beautiful Day that is unfolding around you.

God Bless..

Want a cocktail that’s refreshingly Deliscious? Try my “Mystic Rain”!πŸ˜‹  This cocktail is infused with Young Living’s Vitality Lavender and Lemon Essential Oils….. Yall, this is sooooo good..  And the aromatics ♨  leaking from the glass is just an added splash of pleasure!πŸ˜‹ Its sure to have your party’s vibe… In a Great place. The uses for these oils are Limitless! Enjoy Responsibly……. Your welcomeπŸ˜‰πŸ’š. 

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HelloπŸ‘‹!  Guess what today is??  Tell-me-about-it Tuesday. Lol ( I came up with that all by myself..😎)  Seriously, I wanted to blog tonight….was up in the air what the topic was going to be…..πŸ’­when in doubt,  blog about what you are doingπŸ’­

Right now I am sitting up in bed diffusing Young Living’s Lavender essential oil.  This vibe is soothing♨,  and it smells so good in here. Theres an indigo blue light gleaming through my darkened room, and its so quiet in here I hear the water bubbling softly. Ahhhhhhhhh……… 

Bedroom Vibe

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It feels Amazing to BE. I know that may sound crazy, but not to my WordPress family. Growing up, I would always hear things to put me down, reminders of what I won’t be able to acheive, your fat, etc.. I knew deep inside that I could do anything, it made me feel strange for just simply being me. So what did I do? Contort.

I twisted, turned, and ran from my inner self as if she was a stranger to my flesh. The crazy part is, some of life’s most precious principles were instilled in me as a small child. I knew and understood at 5 years of age the diffrence between right and wrong, honesty and lies…Blessed. ( shout out to my Parents and Gertude Green R.I.P)

The course of life took me on long walks through many fields of glass with no shoes in sight. Emotional numbness developed from displaced developmental challenges. A child holding onto secrets, to internal and rationalize. Reality began to silently marinate in a cesspool of sins, falling victim to my surroundings, neglecting to stay true to the creation of Me as God intended.

These tainted perceptions of reality allowed me to remain on a constant road of survival, running into and from many forms of manipulation and abuse. Mentally altered from circumstance to ignore the Divine’s pattern of guidance. Instead, I rode the highway of things tangible, which stunted my growth. Stuck in reverse, I tired gathering my identity from the outside world, piecing together me. Scrambled eggs anyone??  This was my brain on auto pilot, totally Deaf, Dumb, and Mute to the meaning of this life.

As I write in Textures through my Awakening, it is important to know that THIS Being today has shed many layers of damaged skin over time. Time that bounded me mentally as a psychological prisoner, because I chose to saturate the present with the struggles I subliminally sprinted from in the past. Labels justify these struggles calling it “Survival”, through  malnourished environments.

I learned through pain to acknowledge the nutrients harvested within the seat of my Soul, descended from the infinity of this universe. I thank God daily for all of adversity that I have, and will ever face. Co-creating, and manifesting abundance straight from the Divines source of genuine Love and Light.

So I humbly share a glimpse of my Truth in THIS voice of healing with the world. Painfully broken, yet aware and filled with Joy to share. I will no longer run from what is behind me, I acknowledge most things could have never been my fault. I forgive my assaulters, but most of all I forgive Myself.

CeeCeeπŸ’œ #metoo

I’ll be a cheerleader

even when I dont care

for the team.

Flashes of smiles and laughter

Rolls in stagnantcy.

Your mouth says one thing

With actions speaking differently.

Apples and oranges laced with

tones of complacency.

Rolling tides of regret,

Left guessing how to play

The hand you’ve been dealt.

Outside noises distract,

Even a Queen.

The King snaps back to reality

Trying to find the You in Me.

You either stay in or out

The screened door remains closed

Permanent choice evident

The heart will know if it’s authentic.

Gym bags of genuine love and desire


Miraculously, into gases

Floating through the air.

Olfactory offenses


Leaving trails of

soul-ties strangled from dispair.

A fate once known and cherished

But changes, I grow to take.

Morals crocheted deeply, in my DNA.

So it’s not in me to hate,

Be who you are

Hunni, just move out the way!

When you see me again

I’ll be on the other side

Cheerleading silently

Fearless, and Wonderfully made.