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What is that?

You know…

The intentions of…

The driver for “that”?

Why is that?

I greet smile first,

Genuinely & Friendly

with sckrewed identity

Reciprocals for retun.

Where does that?

Stand coldly STILL

Beneath dark clouds

with aroma’s of loud,

promoting to erase


When is that?

Zone ridin Grace,


Surfboardin the flow

of words producing…


Why does that interfere?

Eclectic vibes

Grants access through God’s eyes.

With mundane realms,

Filled with Fear based plans,

Attempting to dull

the Light of Love,

And CAN’T!

Today is the day that changed my life.

Vehicle collision out of nowhere


Here comes strife…

Aches and pains

Flow down the drain

And recycle themselves daily.

Lawyer who? They can’t help me,

If they dont possess a degree in Alchemy.

The dotted line remains

Synonymous with money.

Broke as a joke told on Doomsday

Never would I have thought of

Meeting Myself, like this,

Face to face.

Missed understandings exacerbated

Times ten.

I look to my left, then my right

And can’t seem to find my “friends”.

Illusions drift while,

The game of hide and seek never get old.

All it takes is for you to go through and

Spiritual sight shows the diffrence

Between glitter and gold.

Thirty years of running fast

Through time and space

Giving away ALL my lunch tickets

Left hungry and inable to feed my Crown.

Today is the day that changed my life.

Two years ago to be exact.

What brought disaster

Catapulted me into his veins of Grace.

Slowing me down,

Healing the perspective of Eye.

Preparing for an alternate route

Only the Spirit can drive.

My tears are still present

Although they exist through Faith,

Painfully broken

With salvaged Goods that remain.

I am Somebody!

Even if I don’t have a dime.

My wealth lies in Spirit

And my best friend is Time.

So keep pushing through

What seems to be unfair.

This may be your very protection

From your own dispair.

Today is the day that changed my life.

This journey has been the hardest yet

Even death couldn’t suffice.

Salvation doesnt come easy

And I aint seen nuttin yet.


I sit or stand,

May even walk with a limp.

But my flesh no longer binds me

My Spirit of Discernment

Has been Pimped.

Testimonials of Freedom

Unite the lights within

I aint goin through all this for nothing

Soon..I will be able to jump back in.

February 2, 2016

Was the beginning of reality.

Everything happens for a reason

I dare not question Thee.

I’m just Humbly Thankful I am Free.

Written&Experienced by: CeeCee๐Ÿ’œ

It feels Amazing to BE. I know that may sound crazy, but not to my WordPress family. Growing up, I would always hear things to put me down, reminders of what I won’t be able to acheive, your fat, etc.. I knew deep inside that I could do anything, it made me feel strange for just simply being me. So what did I do? Contort.

I twisted, turned, and ran from my inner self as if she was a stranger to my flesh. The crazy part is, some of life’s most precious principles were instilled in me as a small child. I knew and understood at 5 years of age the diffrence between right and wrong, honesty and lies…Blessed. ( shout out to my Parents and Gertude Green R.I.P)

The course of life took me on long walks through many fields of glass with no shoes in sight. Emotional numbness developed from displaced developmental challenges. A child holding onto secrets, to internal and rationalize. Reality began to silently marinate in a cesspool of sins, falling victim to my surroundings, neglecting to stay true to the creation of Me as God intended.

These tainted perceptions of reality allowed me to remain on a constant road of survival, running into and from many forms of manipulation and abuse. Mentally altered from circumstance to ignore the Divine’s pattern of guidance. Instead, I rode the highway of things tangible, which stunted my growth. Stuck in reverse, I tired gathering my identity from the outside world, piecing together me. Scrambled eggs anyone??  This was my brain on auto pilot, totally Deaf, Dumb, and Mute to the meaning of this life.

As I write in Textures through my Awakening, it is important to know that THIS Being today has shed many layers of damaged skin over time. Time that bounded me mentally as a psychological prisoner, because I chose to saturate the present with the struggles I subliminally sprinted from in the past. Labels justify these struggles calling it “Survival”, through  malnourished environments.

I learned through pain to acknowledge the nutrients harvested within the seat of my Soul, descended from the infinity of this universe. I thank God daily for all of adversity that I have, and will ever face. Co-creating, and manifesting abundance straight from the Divines source of genuine Love and Light.

So I humbly share a glimpse of my Truth in THIS voice of healing with the world. Painfully broken, yet aware and filled with Joy to share. I will no longer run from what is behind me, I acknowledge most things could have never been my fault. I forgive my assaulters, but most of all I forgive Myself.

CeeCee๐Ÿ’œ #metoo

Essential Oils are AMAZING!
With fundamentals of creation??

From Roots, Trees,
Herbs and rines they bare,
Living componets
Of earth, to share.

For the enhancement of Wellness
For all Mankind,
Aware of the the simplicities of life
Essential Divine.

The Elements of nature
Thinking abstractly.
Chemically free
No dilutions, GMO’s, or
Sulfate Casualties.

Pureness speaks
Subliminal messaging
Of Truth, and Purpose to come.
Therapeutic waves drown toxins,
One by one.

Methods of use evolve
Slowly through eternity
Creative paths lead,
Internal, Topical, and Aromatically.

Earth’s liquid oasis
Empowers thee with glee
There’s an Essential Oil, for any need
In which we seek.
Thoughts courtesy, of Cee Cee.๐Ÿ’œ

I’m Basically, Basic.
Shiney toys
dont impress,
Fancy restaurants
leave me hungry,
Shopping sprees
are side effects of
Manipulative programming.

Im Basically, Basic.
Club vibes
taint the music,
No comprende to
the language of signs,
Falling to deaf ears.

I’m Basically,  Basic.
Yet fun leaks from my pores,
Intoxicating the atmosphere,

Alone in a bushel of crabs
Opposite directions attrack dispair
Onlookers disappear
Once discovered.

Like minds dont always think alike.
Troubled. In fear of tomorrow
While Hiding from today
In the shadows of yesterday.

Wounds once healed
Scabs peeled backwards
Leaving trails of sanguineous doom
Through the marshes of clothing
Scattered chopped and chunked
At my feet.

In the darkness, a trumpet plays
‘A Litany Against Fear-‘
A Christion Scott song,
With the valves of my heart

C flat.
In a major chord.
Soundwaves spiral silently
Into clouds of dust.
Vocal paralyzing agents
Disperced mentally.

Since the beginning
Doubt lingered in the daytime
Usually around 5 oclock,

Allergies unknown.
No sucidal tendacies
Just tired.
Tired of the bulls- shit
Smeared all over these walls!
As of now, this is the only place
I can call home.

Words fall from the shelf
at night in form of

Mis- matched alphabet
Seemingly, too many U’s and I’s,
Languges to decipher
Hieroglyphics style.

Ancient waves of knowledge
Interceeding the mundane
Awakening an essence
of Being.

Subliminal martial arts
Fighting the unknown
Awarding freedoms of Oneness
Merging the U’s and I’s that Be.

The act of Forgiveness is a process that a person goes through when they willfully decide to let go of emotional attachment towards a specific person or event.

In life, we sometimes experience hurt caused outside of ourselves. If the negative encounter goes unacknowledged, layers of hurt collect and contagiously fester within our hearts, strangling our point of views, and ultimately leaving an effect of a poor outlook towards life. Then the voice of “can’t” develops, diminishing dreams and prosperity to the dot of an I.

We are subliminally killing ourselves! Mental and Physical illness are at an all time high! There is a commonality in millions of Americans that suffer through their suffering. Habitual denial of caused pain can be a major contributer to varying degrees of Addiction, Anger, Abuse, Guilt, and Fear etc.

We were not born to hate, or live miserably bitter. These behaviors are reactions to forms of pain. By holding onto the negativity, we are then encouraged to react in a negative manner upon the activation of “triggers”. We must  realize that this revolving cycle leads us to the infamous, nowhere. It enables us to splurge on time, and we are not the keepers of the universal clock!

In the initiation of healing old wounds, we must excercise our Divinely structured power to Forgive. This action is performed for the gain of Peace within Self. Letting go to forgive said circumstances, and ourselves, breaks all forms of mental, physical, and emotional bondage. The BEST weight loss strategy ever! 

Is this process easy?
No, but is there anything in life that comes easy?
The brain is a powerful tool. It can aid in building up Greatness, or it can be destructive allowing choas and confusion to lead the way in life. Forgiveness is as complicated as we make it sound with the power of excuses. “They hurt me..”, “They lied to me..” Although these statements are valid, carrying these things around from day to day, turn into year to year, and even sometimes so much time goes by and the origin of the original problem become burried so deep, the hurt becomes lost. This mindset feeds on our Hope, with all damages billed directly to YOU. Take control of your emotions and co-create the life that you are intended to LIVE.

It is time to grab our spiritual brooms and sweep around our hearts and minds with clear intent to declutter the excess baggage. In result, denying the access of past emotions to dictate how we live, and express ourselves, and feel, in the NOW.

Change starts within. Become familiar with the essence of your Being with some of this renewed positive energy. Participate in soulful excercises that introduce Joy and Peace to life.
Some ways could include( but not limited to): prayer, mediations, journaling, excercising, or even initiate conversation within your support system. 

You are not alone. We, the human race, are all in this together. Generally speaking, with lack of constructive communication it is easy to be misunderstood when voicing opinions on sensitive subjects within mainstream society. I encourage you to turn the outward observations toward others,  to Self.

This is the last day of 2017. Step into 2018 with smiles and laughter, and peaceful hearts and minds. Healing has already begun through Divine Justice, initiated by you, through the Acts of Forgiveness. Now sit back and let God…. May you Live Gracefully through the Blessings of our Creator…

๐ŸŽŠHappy New You, in this Happy New Year of 2018!!๐ŸŽŠ

Written by: CeeCee
Photo by: Aquila Lynch, check out her AMAZING Blog with a click below!!!๐Ÿ’œ              

“Relax yourself, Peace at command.”
The chorus of the song, ‘Electronic Relaxation’, by A Tribe Called Quest. This song will be at the top of my playlist forever!! Classic Hip Hop!

This is one of my favorite ways to relax,ย  enjoying music.ย  Nothing else in the world like it!!๐Ÿ’œ

There is so much unorganized movement in our lives, which is usually expected around these holidays for multitudes of reasons. I know that all “chaos” we sometimes experience isn’t just negativity. A whole bunch of anything, positive or negative, can be overwhelming! Lol.

Internal Stillness= Clarity= Centered,
shifting perspective in the moment to see that “chaos”,ย  isn’t really even “chaos”, at all.

We need to take time out of the day for ourselves. It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle ๐Ÿof expectations and commitment, and become distracted from self nourishment,ย  that we need to grow individually, then collectively.

We must make time to reflect on all of the goodness surrounding us. The simple things that we would not exist without..

If you are reading this and saying under your breath, “Sounds good, but I dont have the time”????
Give yourself 10 minutes to quiet your mind, and process your most Powerful moment, NOW!! ๐Ÿ“ฌ.
These things alter our frequencies, drowning out our innate abilities embedded in us. Let your soul come out to play, you will feel Great after๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ..

Ideas on how to spend You Time?
1. Pray
2. Meditate/Rest in Stillness
3. Sit Outside-solar/lunar rays are healing in moderation
4. Write/Journal/Create
5. Hobbies: Sports, Fishing, Dance, Sing, Puzzles, Read, Sketch, Paint etc…
6. Exercise- no pun in it being last. Lol!

Share with us some things you find relaxing, you never know how you may inspire a neighbor. ๐Ÿ’ก

Spend some time on yourself today. You are worth it!๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ’œ

I pray that each of you have smiles etched deep within your hearts, shining through, evoking the Spirit of Love around you…

It’s not about the materialistic-ness associated with Christmas, that society-sculptured concept, only encourages a Spirit of Lack.

Today, we are unified in Positivity across the nation, from one tradition to the next
Diversely Rooted to our Creator, from the Universal tree.

The air we Breathe is THE gift of all.
And we ALL have access to that,
Blessed.๐Ÿ™ Allow yourself to be juuuust like this, Tomorrow..๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ’š

Merry Christmas & God Bless๐Ÿ’œ

๐Ÿ“ฌShout out to My Friend Tara!! She allowed me to infuse her Fabulously Christmas decorated home, by diffusingโ™จ  Young Living’s Christmas Spirit essential oil.๐Ÿ’œ See the pic collage.Lol๐Ÿ˜€