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Alone in a bushel of crabs
Opposite directions attrack dispair
Onlookers disappear
Once discovered.

Like minds dont always think alike.
Troubled. In fear of tomorrow
While Hiding from today
In the shadows of yesterday.

Wounds once healed
Scabs peeled backwards
Leaving trails of sanguineous doom
Through the marshes of clothing
Scattered chopped and chunked
At my feet.

In the darkness, a trumpet plays
‘A Litany Against Fear-‘
A Christion Scott song,
With the valves of my heart

C flat.
In a major chord.
Soundwaves spiral silently
Into clouds of dust.
Vocal paralyzing agents
Disperced mentally.

Since the beginning
Doubt lingered in the daytime
Usually around 5 oclock,

Allergies unknown.
No sucidal tendacies
Just tired.
Tired of the bulls- shit
Smeared all over these walls!
As of now, this is the only place
I can call home.

He playin this saxophone
Like he know what I need.
Encouraging the mood of love
In the daytime.
Loud, Proud, and Gentle,
My ears become ercet with anticipation
Of the next riff..

Light on my feet and damn-nere Breathless,
I wait.
With full intent to know more about
THE origin of time in which
THIS sound traveled from.

Organic in nature
Deeply within my souls chakras.
With Divine seating
For this sound coming from
The Saxophone.

Senses heightened thru realms,
Communicating with the inverse of self
On parallel dimensions.
Dimensions where the saxophone
Plays humans as instruments,
Creating cries of Freedom
With every breath,
My ears remain erect because
He is so handsome…

The illusion of time
Slowing down
Allows completion of every
Planned task.

The illusion of time
Speeding up
Into futuristic actions,
Mindlessly roaming
Into realities yet claimed.

The illusion of time
Going backwards
Defy science daily
As you, re-live environmental pain…
Generational Love
Mispelled, Misunderstood,
and Mis-taught.

Evolving into a humongous source
Feeding and Festering
In multiplication with exponents

Sickness of our people…
Misaligned time zones capture,
And hold hostage
Cerebrial beings.

Subconsciously Determined
With inherited strength,
Not to be captured.
Driving the Will to
Travel inward,
Playing patty-cake,
Through dimensions where
Time is Absent.

Reality flipped inside-out,
The conditioning of time is
Confronted by consciousness,
And the Present wins!

Time bows gracefully,
When consciousnessly observed
Through space
as One.

With no Illusion left
Time remains
Presently Understood.