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What is normal?
A standard of the masses?
Would it be the numbness & tingling
Or the weakness of the legs riddled
with Neuropathic Pain?

What is normal?
The spasms in my neck???
If so, normalcy can skip me!

Muted voices
now- muffled with Truth.
No one equates the Truth with lullabies
Ringing irritatingly in tune.

Am I project
Of imagination gone sour?
Trends and Fads
Remind, a REWIND type lifestyles.

But I wanna fast forwarding towards Understanding.
That My destiny is sculpting
A Magnificent Peace.

So “normal” can kiss my keester,😂 However I’m a classy lady, so please pardon my speech. 😉

Swag is a necessity
Often confused with over-confidence
Ya know, ego fed lives.

Swag pushes the plow
Tossing up the alphabet
When verbal farming is allowed.

Cultivating all senses
to feel the breeze
Dancing across the creases of the face.

Requires a mashup
Between thought and action.

Both provisions from ABBA
through Grace & Mercy,
Soul filled fung shui.

Renewal penetrates deeply
3rd Eye
Held mind,
“Becoming our best asset”

Add the heart
To find the greatest common denominator,

Decreasing those fragments
the ego once left
In couplets of “22’s”,
But not on a Cadillac

Swag is DNA woven
Fueling the Fearless of hearts.
While them Chevy’s ridin hot..

Rounding up fear
Stuck in survival mode.
Be who You want to Be
Percieve. Execute. Acheive.

Remains as the perspective
Dizzolving myths and lies
Historically fed inequities.

Distractions exist,
But that lesson in school was skipped
To teach to think
Instead of run.

Purposeful actions lead
through Wisdom Fields
with daffodils,
And all other, Universal elements to offer.


Destiny speaks in a
Pain induced labor of
Born in mass destruction
Mass seduction

Mr. & Mrs. Ancestrial,
art of storytelling
from deep sea.

Atlantic bound
Voices fluid with tears,
Leaking forward into the Now!
The Now Presents….

The Strength of Overcoming!
The Now, in which our spirits ignite,
In sparks of Glee…

All the credit is still being
Shipped and stored
Chyyyyye Please…

Yo lines of credit can’t afford Me!
My Sun enriched skin
and drenched Kinky tweeds,

The code to freedom
Lies inside

Destiny Speaks through a
Pain induced labor of
Born into mass destruction,
Purposely overwhelmed with
Mass Seduction.

Even the scalera is Crystal clear,
when it’s all Three…

Textural Awakened

Through broken pieces of glass,

Everywhere complex

Cortex fearlessly shattered.

In due time

Pineal glands will Spark and Shatter!

Making reality’s easier to see

The Shadows and Light then Tango,

To a FUNKY beat!

The softness in the effort

To Smile,

Taken for granted.

Firing firm, thickened skin

Now covered with rashes.

Textures Awaken


Through it All.

No if’s, and’s, or but’s mumbled.

Tears say it all,

In a secret coded language only

God hears.


Magnetize soul pieces whole again

Bonded with a paradoxical glue

Ignored by plenty, over the few.

Stop, Drop, and Pray!

(The heart deeply yells)

Acknowledging and Surrendering to God

Allows Notice….to

The Sun’s spell

Flirting where nature dwells.

Following all days,

An anonymous number.

No time to flaunt,

Be nurtured with a Universal Understanding.

Presence within this Awareness

Debunks times illusion

causing societies mis-handling,

psychological MADNESS,

and Confusion!

Stand Textured and Awakened!

and it Be Alright!

Uniquely alert,

Shining Light for the Fallen,

The Emotional, and Mentally hurt.

Brokenness = 1-billion-piece puzzle,

This is where God works best.

Trust Source,

Enlightenment begins

Joining alignment with the Earth.

Living nothing short,

of God’s Will

*Winning* 🙂

Through a Lover’s eye
Killing the Love
from er,
Dying cells of grief
Clump slowly
out of control
Flips, Twirls, Flops
Of life
Filtered through
Distorting gravity
Recharging cells
Into Believing you Loved me.
Into Believing you were my rock.
Slipery slopes of illusions
Provide jagged edges
Causing emotions
To tumble..
on high heat.
Burn injuries
Gain Soulful
Rekindling a FIRE,
Of Love
Through the pain,
God ordained.
Life analysis brings,
Of Creation
Including the rocks…
And I remain
Imperfectly Humbled.

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Thank you & God Bless 💜

*written in style of Hip Hop*

Run it bac
Mi come tru bringon heartattac!!!!

*Sucks teeth, and muggin*
I KNOW my balance, dont say nuttin!?!?

No comprende
Mui senile

To the words floating
out yo mouth!

They fall in def ears
So dont waste your time.
Your judgements??
Have fallen
into hands – of – time.

Renewed Reflections Glow
Initiating an
Organic Energy Cloning.

That Flows from Me to You.
And Our families too!
Stay Positive.
Be Inspired.
Motivating others too!

Run it bac!!!
Mi cumin Tru!

Huh! O! I was finna say…
I’m Spiritually Wealthy,
And Rich through Faith!
Yo system das calculatin???
It’s authenticity is Fake!!

I’ll submit to Duality,
Lettin go of everything, 
Expectations Free! 
Seizing the Souls, Wisdom and Peace,

Textured Awakenings…..

Diffusing Young Living’s Inspiration essential oil… (Click link 👇to learn more)

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Mood: Expressively Me…

Rhythm: Imagine

Environment: Inspiration infused room of Silence, with full praise of My heartbeat, as it validates each moment that passes.
May My Gratitude pour out, dominating fear for everyone whom read this.. 🙏💜

My life has changed drastically, Yo!
Parallelograms of pain
From my elders DNA.

Generations of mathematical errors
Marked the spot for many…
Runnin errands
Breaking down boxes, for Miss Prissy.

My life has changed drastically, B!
Obtuse Emotions Hyperextend,
Processed with caution
Willing to break ties with generational sin.
Tired of being Victimized
By hazy eyes, turned blind.

My life has changed drastically, Son!
Hexagons crumble,
When Humanity’s mother

Ground shivering Nsync
Of the imminent Paradigmal Shift.
“Free Verbs!”, the people cry,
Few actions noticed
Nouns resting, but why?

My life has changed drastically, Homie!
A powerful Rhombus of energy
Shines brightly through Me,
Soothing Spirits,
Geometrically shaping History.

Fundamentally Relative
Of Strength that fought
Long, Hard, and Selfless,
Way Before Us…

My life has changed drastically, Fam!
Mouths open wide like Circles
Experiencing God’s Love
Dont believe me??
Read 1Corinthians 2:9,
In it’s entirety.

Inspiration: God, Math, Words, Stillness
Geometric Freestyle😁
Peace✌ & Blessings💜

As I sit on my porch, with pillows all around me to support my body, praying to decrease the pain.. Sun shining, wind blowing, Elements all in place.

I drink my coffee and grab a book, while diffusing Inspiration. (Young Living Essential Oil)

As I read through, “The Rose That grew From Concrete.”…The Late, 2Pac Shakur’s, collection of personal poetry

I laugh, and cry, weirdly at the same time. LOL.. But,  within this moment of weirdness I see….that Life, is soooooo much BIGGER than me.

His poetry Inspires me, to rise above my physical pain and not be deterred from Thee….. Whatever that shall Be. 🙏

Pain is not my Identity…My coffee is now cold…as I blog in the present participle. I smile as I remember…
Where there’s a Will, there’s a Way.

Excuses on hold…Inspiration comforts my heart and mind, anticipating the unfolding of this Day.