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Do you have the ability to maintain self control over your emotions?
Even when the affliction strikes against fields of passion??
If you answer no, you’re not alone. πŸ–€

Our feelings and/or emotions heavily feast on the time we have been granted in this life. How? One can include, the distraction of feeling. Emotions only become a distraction when you give subliminal permission of unclean intent to entice the preferred train of thought. This causes negative sensations. It’s maaad easy to get caught up emotionally. It happens quick too!πŸ€”

The next time your mood is changed and you find yourself “feeling some kinda way” or undesirable, take a pause. You are in control.

Ask yourself 5 questions:

Why do I feel like this?
Is this feeling supportive or against…?
What is happening around me?
When did I start to feel this way?
How can I overcome these abusive feelings ?

Thankfully, all of these answers to these questions are embedded deep within you already.
Identify the emotion.

Emotions are thoughts coupled with a sensation. Ex. When you think about something, there can be a heart felt feeling blended with that same thought. The brain is POWERFUL!! You don’t have to tell it too many times, before the brain starts to automatically get into it’s own rhythm of doing things.

πŸ’₯(Make sure this rhythm is consciously positive, and full of life!)
Take moments.

It’s YOUR time! Take some moments for yourself to Check-in on yourself!πŸ‘€ This world, the “demands” of society, the struggle can be real….especially when many mindsets are shaped to sadly accept without asking why? If these blistering-“everybody” type emotions are not handled effectively, the “struggle” could become the hardeset WE will ever see…MESSAGE!!

I encourage you to take emotional control today. Take a moment to think, pray, meditate, write, sing, dance, draw, or laugh out your why’s. When you take a minute to acknowledge the why, you know who to forgive, and how important it is to let go. πŸ€—

” You must begin wherever you are.”
~ Jack Boland

The load will lighten. Peace is already upon you, acknowledge it.πŸ™

From the Desk of,

Cee Cee

Thank you so much for listening to my ideas on how we can recognize when we may be judging others, and some ways to troubleshoot, reboot to positive thought. Happiness and Peace is obtainable for us all, on this Soul-filled Sunday! Enjoy this Beautiful Day that is unfolding around you.

God Bless..

I’ll be a cheerleader

even when I dont care

for the team.

Flashes of smiles and laughter

Rolls in stagnantcy.

Your mouth says one thing

With actions speaking differently.

Apples and oranges laced with

tones of complacency.

Rolling tides of regret,

Left guessing how to play

The hand you’ve been dealt.

Outside noises distract,

Even a Queen.

The King snaps back to reality

Trying to find the You in Me.

You either stay in or out

The screened door remains closed

Permanent choice evident

The heart will know if it’s authentic.

Gym bags of genuine love and desire


Miraculously, into gases

Floating through the air.

Olfactory offenses


Leaving trails of

soul-ties strangled from dispair.

A fate once known and cherished

But changes, I grow to take.

Morals crocheted deeply, in my DNA.

So it’s not in me to hate,

Be who you are

Hunni, just move out the way!

When you see me again

I’ll be on the other side

Cheerleading silently

Fearless, and Wonderfully made.

I’m Basically, Basic.
Shiney toys
dont impress,
Fancy restaurants
leave me hungry,
Shopping sprees
are side effects of
Manipulative programming.

Im Basically, Basic.
Club vibes
taint the music,
No comprende to
the language of signs,
Falling to deaf ears.

I’m Basically,  Basic.
Yet fun leaks from my pores,
Intoxicating the atmosphere,

My Truth speaks to
Ears of the distracted listener.
Moral distractions from
Fundamental’s advisary,
Spoken backwards
From “Leaders”,
That stand behind ME,
In line.

Fictitious reigns held tight
In mind control
Over the masses.
While robbing souls blind
Leaving many saying,
“What happened?”

Fear marinated confusion
Expands like water to bread.
Hate births Injustice
Raised through streets of society.
Years bound.
Songs crying.
But who listening?
The distracted is distracted
Creating a tangled mess that weeps.

The Program, remains Still
As the biggest elephant
In this universal room.
But yet, Im holding it in my hand
Examining it with the third eye
Consciously interpreting
God’s plan.

This realm awakens Thee
From auto pilot sleep.
Experiencing reality as it peaks
Texture Awakening
to a Soulful mind, at Peace.

Becoming a Entrepreneur of thought
Selfless and Divine.
Mr. Sam Cooke said,
“Change is gonna come.”
Well that time of change is now!
Standing Tall in Light
Full and Strong.

Unity is the assignment
Due yesterday!
That makes you late.
Make it a priority to
Know and understand
Who holds your fate.

Awareness calls for action
Witness for yourself.
There is no moment like the present
To live, and truly flourish
Manifesting your best Self.

For Unity will beat all odds.
Bonded together as,
“One Nation under God, indivisible
with liberty, and justice for all.”*

*cited from the Pledge of Allegiance.

Alone in a bushel of crabs
Opposite directions attrack dispair
Onlookers disappear
Once discovered.

Like minds dont always think alike.
Troubled. In fear of tomorrow
While Hiding from today
In the shadows of yesterday.

Wounds once healed
Scabs peeled backwards
Leaving trails of sanguineous doom
Through the marshes of clothing
Scattered chopped and chunked
At my feet.

In the darkness, a trumpet plays
‘A Litany Against Fear-‘
A Christion Scott song,
With the valves of my heart

C flat.
In a major chord.
Soundwaves spiral silently
Into clouds of dust.
Vocal paralyzing agents
Disperced mentally.

Since the beginning
Doubt lingered in the daytime
Usually around 5 oclock,

Allergies unknown.
No sucidal tendacies
Just tired.
Tired of the bulls- shit
Smeared all over these walls!
As of now, this is the only place
I can call home.

 Good Morning!! 🌞 It is Affirmation Friday!! Yesssss. Who else better to give ourselves a rich and conditioning message at the top of the day, but ourselves right?? Lol. Let’s do it!

Words are powerful! Thats why we should always remain mindful in how we speak to ourselves and each other.  Guess what?? Yesterday’s mistakes, heartache, confusion..etc., was yesterdays. The sun is shining NEW, so that signifies for us to refresh our minds, and start a new page with THIS day. You can overcome whatever os in your path. All it takes is a shift in thought. MESSAGE!

 (Taken from a parody done by the Wayans brothers…it didn’t matter how funny they made the situation…when they were droppin knowledge, they yelled “Message!”)

Feel free to use our Affirmation of the day, share it, repeat it to yourself when you start to feel down, doubt, hopelessness, fear, or any other anxieties that manifests that throws your energy into an all around “funk”. Every second is a Blessing. You have NO reason to fear anything. Fear is the scapegoat of many things, and the blocker of all. Join me as I say, ” Not Today!”. 😁

Please, share your Affirmation in the comments….somebody may need to hear it. God Bless…πŸ’–

Textured Awakenings was created as a place of positivity infused through space and time. We aspire to be that virtual encouragerπŸ”₯ sometimes needed to aid in the battle of life’s adversities.

Our relaxing vibe, promotes the establishment/ maintenance of a deeper connection within, and become a beam of support for people being spiritually navagated on their path to Self Discovery.

Be you. Unapologetically.πŸ’–

Sooo, sit back…Relax…Breathe…and Enjoy!😁