Happy Women’s Day, Daily!💜

History will not repeat itself! Over centuries, all cultures of Women have been through a great deal of inequality, abuse, and/or some form of socioeconomic oppression. Many Women have marched and sacrificed their lives so that one day, Women will gain/maintain the voice to fight for overall Respect for Womanhood all over the world.  International…

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The Vibe Clinic podcast💜

I published my new episode Be Fearless!, please check it out. The Vibe Clinic’s podcast is available on Itunes and PodBean. It’s an audio extension of this very Blog, Textured Awakenings…. Please comment, share and Subscribe! May the vibe of Positivity flow through you all…💜 http://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-pfmcw-86c3dc

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My Truth…

My Truth speaks to Ears of the distracted listener. Moral distractions from Fundamental’s advisary, Spoken backwards From “Leaders”, That stand behind ME, In line. Fictitious reigns held tight In mind control Over the masses. While robbing souls blind Leaving many saying, “What happened?” Fear marinated confusion Expands like water to bread. Hate births Injustice Raised…

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We are approaching the New Year of 2018!! Many of us endured a plethora of  struggles mentally, physically, and emotionally in 2017. Even though it was hard, we kept pushing through our adversity the best way we knew how. Holding on, some of us holding on by the hair of our chin. We knew giving up was not an option!! 

 Faith in the Creator strengthened MY Will to Succeed, and exist through being my best self. Making the effort to rise above the many tones of naysayers, fragmented finances, and physical and mental Pain…. But God….🙏😎 #believer 

This classic throwback episode, ‘Fortitude’, is dedicated to You.💜 ( Pat yourselves on the back) It took someone else to see fortitude in me, and bring it to my attention. I’m paying it forward and reminding you of the powerful qualities that YOU also possess.

  A 6 minute dose of Positivity with me @ The Vibe Clinic. Check it out by clicking the link 👇! 


📬The Vibe Clinic’s podcast can be found on Itunes!! Make sure to subscribe, and not miss any of the new episodes.. season 2!! Great things are happening..🙌 Bring it 2018, we are equipped and ready!!✊