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My Truth speaks to
Ears of the distracted listener.
Moral distractions from
Fundamental’s advisary,
Spoken backwards
From “Leaders”,
That stand behind ME,
In line.

Fictitious reigns held tight
In mind control
Over the masses.
While robbing souls blind
Leaving many saying,
“What happened?”

Fear marinated confusion
Expands like water to bread.
Hate births Injustice
Raised through streets of society.
Years bound.
Songs crying.
But who listening?
The distracted is distracted
Creating a tangled mess that weeps.

The Program, remains Still
As the biggest elephant
In this universal room.
But yet, Im holding it in my hand
Examining it with the third eye
Consciously interpreting
God’s plan.

This realm awakens Thee
From auto pilot sleep.
Experiencing reality as it peaks
Texture Awakening
to a Soulful mind, at Peace.

Becoming a Entrepreneur of thought
Selfless and Divine.
Mr. Sam Cooke said,
“Change is gonna come.”
Well that time of change is now!
Standing Tall in Light
Full and Strong.

Unity is the assignment
Due yesterday!
That makes you late.
Make it a priority to
Know and understand
Who holds your fate.

Awareness calls for action
Witness for yourself.
There is no moment like the present
To live, and truly flourish
Manifesting your best Self.

For Unity will beat all odds.
Bonded together as,
“One Nation under God, indivisible
with liberty, and justice for all.”*

*cited from the Pledge of Allegiance.

He playin this saxophone
Like he know what I need.
Encouraging the mood of love
In the daytime.
Loud, Proud, and Gentle,
My ears become ercet with anticipation
Of the next riff..

Light on my feet and damn-nere Breathless,
I wait.
With full intent to know more about
THE origin of time in which
THIS sound traveled from.

Organic in nature
Deeply within my souls chakras.
With Divine seating
For this sound coming from
The Saxophone.

Senses heightened thru realms,
Communicating with the inverse of self
On parallel dimensions.
Dimensions where the saxophone
Plays humans as instruments,
Creating cries of Freedom
With every breath,
My ears remain erect because
He is so handsome…

We often times forget how important it is, for us take time out for ourselves. Stillness( with good intent), enables spiritual connection,  powerful enough to heal our hearts and our minds.  

This unique connection is aligned with our bare essence of being. God’s creation.🌍

During your time of stillness, let all thoughts goπŸƒ…and concentrate only on your very breath. It’s ok to breathe at a normal pace, deeply, and in through your nose…out through your mouth….

As you breathe,  allow the tension in your shoulders to loosen..and your hands relaxed and free. Imagine with me,  as the breeze wisp away the buildup of  Stress, Anger, Doubt, and any other Limits you face……… They no longer exist. πŸ’ž

It’s THE Perfect day🌞 to lay on the beach. Siesta Key is Beautiful…
The relaxing sounds of waves crashing against the shore, places your body at ease. The sounds of the seagulls deep harmony serenade you in the style of Anita Baker. Soulfully intended. 

 You are the co- creator of your day! Create the life you deserve. The clouds floating overhead are even in unison,  translucent,  and unique.πŸ’œ

 You were hand crafted by God himself, with purpose and intention. The sun has nurished, and recharged your tank of patience and understanding. You are now universally connected.  Consciousness is the window of Awareness allowing you to see  πŸ‘€, then make better choices from your visions, manifesting your Dreams in Reality.

 You could just enjoy laying in the hot sun, with the birds gwacking,  holding your ears hostage, and beaitiful white sand kicked in your face from a group of people throwing a football. Yes, a FOOTBALL 🏈!!  Needless to say, whatever perception you choose, it still remains a Perfect day.😎

Written by CeeCee G.

Good Afternoon 🌞!! 

I’m here to share a vybe with Textures of Pure Creativity right now. Allow your imaginations to follow me for a momentπŸ˜‡

 The atmosphere is chill, peaceful, and supportive to your goals and dreams. We are diffusing Young Living Essential Oil, Hyssop. This oil is one of my favorite oils when im in my creative zone. Therapeutic to our air, to say the least..Love it!!πŸ’œ

We are internally jammin to some of our favorite soul-movin music. Sheer Joy shines through our faces and hearts. We FEEL the Love flowing through our bodies like never before! Deep down we know, its going to be O.K…πŸ™
 You fill in the rest of the journey with your own full purposeful intent, and continue having a Blessed Day🌈.

 πŸ”Œ If you are intrested in learning more about Young Living Essential Oils, and their many uses, next week I am going to post a 101 Class in all things Oily! Contact me for any questions…and Stay Tuned!!πŸ”Œ